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was the surprise hit that everyone wanted (and needed) from . It definitely struck chords with fans and critics alike, and the path for the sequel became high priority with the company. 's departure from over creative differences has been a painful hit to its production. Shooting schedules were delayed, fans were worried around the world, and Fox needed to find a replacement director in under a short amount of time. According to Screenrant and The Hollywood Reporter, it has been official that helmer will direct the Deadpool sequel.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld
Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld

What does this mean for Deadpool 2, and what can the new director bring to the table? Fans should be excited for the new director, because action is second nature to Leitch. His stunt work has ranged throughout the biggest action movies of the last several years - including , , and 300. His stunt company has worked on numerous action movies like James Mangold's underrated and last year's giant hit . The director's experience with choreography, stunts (obviously), and martial arts has the potential to outshine its predecessor in terms of the latter, all while maintaining the small budget Fox has limited the production to.

So fans rejoice, Deadpool may have lost Tim Miller, but David Leitch is ready to step into those big shoes and do some damage. Deadpool 2 is in good hands, with deadlier guns and badassery.

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What do you think of David Leitch stepping up as Deadpool's new director?

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