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This is my first post so please everyone bear with me. I'm a big Star Wars fan but by no means the most obsessed, I take an honest approach to what I'm seeing whenever I watch a SW movie, EPIV-great, EPV-Perfect, EPVI-good (Ewoks? Really?), EPI-garbage (Except for Darth Maul), EPII-incoherent garbage (Only saving grace was the Yoda/Dooku duel) and EPIII-very good, actually borderline great. I've never read any of the EU novels, I've seen "most" of the Clone Wars series and I'm all caught up on Rebels. Not the most impressive SW resume I admit, but I can remember watching Return of the Jedi in the theater and have grown up with SW my entire life, so that's got to count for something. With that out of the way I'll to the point of this post, the new title, and by extension a review of the previous SW subtitles. First up, "A New Hope". Pretty simplistic and clean, gets to the point without being heavy handed about it and basically sums up the themes of the first film and really the entire series to this point. "The Empire Strikes Back", never has a title been more perfect, ESB I could kiss you. "The Return of the Jedi", I don't want to split hairs here but this is a bit confusing. Is Luke becoming a full fledged card carrying Jedi the "return" that the title implies, or is Darth Vader rediscovering his humanity by saving Luke and once again becoming ("returning") as Anakin Skywalker? Does it matter? No, not really, solid title either way. On to the prequels...yay!?!? "The Phantom Menace", honestly I wasn't a fan at first but over time the title has grown on me and I've come to appreciate what it means. "Attack of the Clones", I was excited when I first learned of the EPII title, it made me think of everything TPM wasn't, it alluded to action and fun and all the other stuff that I longed to get from the new SW movies. Then I saw the film. Now I hate the title. It's patently misleading, at least to me, I had dreamed of multiple clones of Darth Maul attacking the Jedi temple, instead I (we) got a mess of a movie with plot holes GALORE. "Revenge of the Sith", fantastic title, no false advertisement anywhere in sight and a very good flick. So how about EPVII? "The Force Awakens". It's worth noting that I haven't seen "Episode VII" in any of the title images but I'm not going to read too much into it. I don't know if it's going to be added later or if it will ever be an official part of the title and I don't really have an opinion either way. We all know this will the the seventh chapter in the series and I don't need to see it in lights to make myself feel better about it. "The Force Awakens", "The Force.....Awakens?" I'm still undecided. On the one hand I'm glad it's not a play on one of the previous titles, Return/Revenge of the Jedi/Sith or one of the early rumors, A New Dawn, which I would've hated. So "The Force Awakens" it is. The imagery this brings to mind, evil awakening, a villain opening his/her eyes to look upon our heroes, the return of the Jedi order, the force "awakening" in the new younger characters to carry us through EPs VII-IX? It's only been a day but I feel like my opinion changes by the hour, from love, to hate, to acceptance and then back to love, then hate, and etc...So will we (I) love EPVII, I don't know, I hope so. I do know that no one can make up their minds until December 2015, until then lets hope that there's more to a title, whether it's "Attack of the Clones", "The Empire Strikes Back" or "The Force Awakens".

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