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Cue those blood-curdling screams because 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for fans of the hit horror, American Horror Story. We already know that Season 7 of the show is set to air later in the year - but in case you missed it - has been renewed for 2 more seasons, making the show the longest-running drama series on Fox!

Cheers to that!
Cheers to that!

Following the success of last years highly anticipated installment - of course - we are all dying to know whether or not Season 7 will be shrouded in complete secrecy. Will fans be kept in the dark, right up to premiere time? Well, thank our lucky stars because creator and mastermind Ryan Murphy has come out saying, "I don’t know if we’ll do it again. I think maybe we’ll release some of it earlier than we did." However, this statement was followed up by Fox CEO John Landgraf, "It actually will be shrouded in super secrecy...there’s a marketing promotional hook around that."

Come on!
Come on!

Last season received mixed reviews from fans - some loving the mystery and some absolutely hating it - but rejoice! Ryan Murphy has already spilled some news in regards to the cast. Here are the confirmed cast members for Season 7 so far:

Sarah Paulson

Fresh off of her first Emmy and Golden Globe win, AHS alumni is back! Ryan Murphy confirmed her return at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. Last year, Season 6 saw multiple incarnations of Paulson - literally! First she was playing Shelby Miller in the re-enactments, then she played herself as the British actress Audrey Tindall, and then we saw the return of Season 2 icon, Lana Winters.

Evan Peters

Ryan Murphy also confirmed at the TCA's, the return of another American Horror Story alumni, . Peters showed off his versatility last season, by playing two different characters. Season 6 saw Evan Peters as the original owner of the farmhouse, Edward Philippe Mott in the re-enactments and actor Rory Monahan.

Hopefully more AHS regulars will appear. Keep checking back here for more updates!


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