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It is every filmmakers dream to see their work on the big screen, and sometimes the best way to get the green light from big studios and companies, is putting your idea into a captivating short film. if you weren't aware, some of the most successful horror films started out as short films.

Would you trade your soul for sweets? From the minds behind that creepy short film about a dating-app, comes this equally creepy short that will take the sleep out of sleepover. Filmmakers of the Vancouver film production company Akuma Films: Joel H. Brewster, Tarun Keram and Mat Lo bring us their next fright in a bite, The Man In The Rabbit Mask.

'The Man In The Rabbit Mask' [Credit: Akuma Films]
'The Man In The Rabbit Mask' [Credit: Akuma Films]

Directed by Ariel Hansen, the short moves at a reasonable pace and is great at building that familiar dark atmosphere that we all love in a great film. The Man In The Rabbit Mask sets up the overall premise right from the start: an "innocent sleepover becomes a nightmarish evening" when two girls decide to play a terrifying game which summons a creepy masked man, Mr. Rabbity. What could possibly go wrong?

'The Man In The Rabbit Mask' [Credit: Akuma Films]
'The Man In The Rabbit Mask' [Credit: Akuma Films]

We meet our two main characters, Lucy and Cara, in the middle of a typical sleepover where Cara is telling Lucy about Mr. Rabbity. Lucy shows no interest in the "stupid" tale, but Cara insists that they try and summon the masked man. of course, Lucy ends up caving. The game is simple: read the poem by candlelight and say his name three times.

" I dare you to laugh, I will get you to scream." Lucy reads the poem aloud, closes her eyes and begins to say Mr Rabbity's name. Upon the last time, she opens her eyes to see that Cara is no longer sitting where she was. Did Mr Rabbity take her? Well, check out the short below to see for yourself. All you have to do is say his name three times...

For more great frights like this, check out the Akuma Films website!


Would you like to see 'The Man In The Rabbit Mask' be turned into a feature length?

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