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...l still want to cause Thor harm and in doing so instead becoming a repeated conflict, get Beta Ray Bill in there and be apart of the team. There's an expansion as it is and Bill is a perfect candidate to be apart of the Thor universe. Dr. Strange will bring another element that hasn't been on screen before and with the reboot of Spider-man if it screws up like they did with Amazing Spiderman spidey has no chance even making through the door of Avengers tower. Black Panther will be amazing and hitting the Jungles of Wakanda is going to have epic effects and fights (Ape Man anyone?). The Inhumans are going to need some cosmic convincing to help out the Avengers but I believe it will commence in such a way we will never expect even if we tried to predict how they will turn out both in a solo film and in Infinity War part 1-2.

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