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I've been reading off and on about how certain characters in comics are gay/Lesbian/Bi or whatever and the amount of comments that speak of them in a negative way by both fans of comics and those who are just plain ignorant making a big deal out of zilch.

The first superhero I've heard not being straight was Batwoman in Batman: Bad Blood and want to know my response was? "Cool, something different and a beautiful bad ass looking for someone like the rest of us." It's not the worst thing in the world for a superhero/heroine to be of a different sexual orientation and quite frankly it's becoming old and dull that you feel out of all things that a character can have feelings for another human being/humanoid of the same sex.

It's understandable of a certain character to have that part of them be out in the open or even hiding a piece of it in more ways than one in stories, conversations or interactions with other characters. I found it funny when they wrote that Bobby (Iceman from X-Men) might be gay behind the scenes of that character in a different area of development. Coming from someone who's known people that are gay, I have some sympathy for what they're put through when it comes to religious haters and people that are so prejudice towards them they actually believe they send out voodoo type vibes that will turn someone they love gay.

Now we are reading about Wonder Woman possibly having a girlfriend in the Wonder Woman Sequel and all hell has broken loose because she may no longer care to be superman's woman or another hero's for that matter and have a relationship with another woman. Get over it, for one; Themyscira is an entire population of women so if you think about it, if one falls in love with another of that population there's a strong possibility that it can happen. What will be the most awful thing that can happen to that character? For 75 Years this character alone has been put through the ringer more times than any fan can count yet comes out more beloved and bad ass than the previous time. Sure she's made mistakes along the way and had run ins that she had no control over of yet is still being written as the most famous Woman character in all of comics.

Another character of a different sexual orientation is Deadpool. The Merc With The Mouth is into guys and chicks alike yet still rocks it with his out of whack crude humor we all love and question from time to time so what's wrong with him other than that face only a mother can love (or need some strong liquor to forget about in the sack)? Some people need to realize that most likely there's really nothing wrong with who they are whether they're real or not and believe me when I say this, those who gay, straight, lesbian, pansexual or whatever they're just another human being like us, have a personality like us, looking for love just like us, have dreams/goals/drive just like us. The only difference is that they love a particular kind of male or female other than that it's just another human being.

How about Catwoman being Bisexual? That's a total shocker (not really). I'm sorry but for intents and purposes, Selina Kyle is one beautiful attractive woman that even the straightest chick on the planet would say "I'd hit that" and now it's official that it's possible for her to have a relationship with another woman. It doesn't matter whether a character is gay or not, their development is getting more interesting and sometimes it can be off putting because as fans we're not used to that but in reality its all about making a mark as an individual opening up their world to the rest of us and not be ashamed of it.

The parade thing, I have mixed feelings about. I've been in a gay themed float in a parade for an ex-girlfriend of mine in the past and it wasn't the greatest experience but I didn't hate it either. Writers and fans alike aught to just let these characters be who they are, have them be mysterious in other ways that let's them be in development of the best qualities, put a spin on it if you have to but realize that characters like Bat Woman, Wonder Woman, Iceman, Deadpool, John Constantine and Catwoman have their own way of seeing someone that can love regardless of their sex and still be awesome in ways we have grown to love. I would think the most complex and sexual oriented character would be Mystique. Whether she has come out or not she is a shapeshifter and can have relations with anyone if she puts her mind to it. Think about that, one of the most famous characters in all of comics having that ability and making the most of it whether its for evil or for good.

I say write the characters in the best form possible and whether their sexual orientation is opened up or not just let them be and let us believe in them as always. Not many people are as accepting as others but in the end, they're all about being noticed and taken with a grain of salt whether evil or good it's still a character that is just a part of another story that can be amazing or terrible.

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