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With the film Legend Of Tarzan in full throttle on DVD/Blu-Ray for over a month now; it has become an epic tale that is unique and more adventurous than previous adaptations. The other films that have been produced tend to have Tarzan hold back his animalistic prowess and tame the beast within him; now with Legend it has him unleashing that side of him that has now become a rare feat in a film of this caliber. When I learned the training of Alexander Skarsgard where he did various calisthenics, weights and other means to fit the role, it transformed him into a man with a physique that quite frankly can stand tall with other Tarzan actors and the closest I can come up with that will always out beat him in that department is Mike Henry.

What brings out the best of Tarzan other than his call or the way he interacts with humans & primates alike is the amount of movement that is so powerful and so full of strength & grace that no other character can truly possess. I'm fascinated with various styles of movement and when it comes to Tarzan, he is the ultimate in how a human can move and why many of us humans can achieve that. Granted it's firmly impossible to move like that if you're a weightlifter or whatnot because for one, movement of this caliber is a skill above anything else and 2 it's a very different type of strength & fitness most can never understand unless you practice it. One way to get a glimpse of this type of movement is to in fact mimic animals such as the family of apes, moving like a big cat like Sabor from the Disney version and others in an adapted manner that doesn't need to have you in the jungle. Another is the most accurate fitness regimen that I can find that brings Tarzan into the real world is from a system called MovNat where you move in humanized adaptations of crawling, jumping, climbing, swimming, balancing, running and coordination.

It is not impossible to develop a wide range of movement that can get you fit without ever needing a gym and creating a physique suited to your natural structure. It's a practice that isn't the easiest but by far the most fun in my opinion. Nothing gets you fit in a fun and fast way than moving like a wild animal or using natural movement that can aid in healing injuries, create mobility in the joints, strengthen the tendons & gain flexibility you can't get from mainstream fitness ideals or those awful infomercials.

One of these elements can even be done by kids who in this day and age need it more than most adults because of the overwhelming supply of electronics and the powerful overzealous of fatty foods and sitting too damn long. That course I can find is called Wild Animal Fitness For Kids. The others for adults can be done using a method called Animal Flow by bodyweight extraordinaire Mike Fitch that teaches the unique movements of the Ape, Beast & Crab that can create all sorts of combinations, holds & traveling forms. I get so enthusiastic about this kind of stuff and want to share with people that being inspired by Tarzan has helped me find a place in being fit using only bodyweight around 95% of the time yet have a great deal of strength, flexibility, agility and coordination for a big man at over 265 lbs. at a height of only 5'10. To really get into the Tarzan feel, moving at your own pace using Animal & Natural movements is the key and not only is it fun but educational as well for the reason of learning your own physiology, experiencing the joys of playing and living life in a unique way. Tarzan is the ultimate when it comes to real fitness and he has inspired me to learn more and more about being a Wildman in my own jungle.

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