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Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Just got in a great Animal Workout and just playing around mimicking different animals in my den. For me the best animal to mimic is the mighty Gorilla; that strong and powerful force of a beast that can do so much yet so simple. That's the thing about Primates, they are so powerful and so full of animalistic qualities that no human can match no matter how hard you try.

Recently viewing the Planet Of The Apes Reboot series Rise & Dawn, I feel they've been grossly underrated and provides a story that hits you right in the chest and takes on a more personal level of utilizing elements of action, drama, a few gags and coming of age. In Rise we saw a highly intelligent Chimp by the name of Caesar blossom from a test subjected-sign language-speaking primate to a leader that has come a long way and has become a character many don't realize how great he is.

In Dawn, we see Caesar raise a family in the woods of California near San Francisco and lead a troupe of apes that leads to chaos and the development of ape against ape. The humans are low on fuel to survive and it's understandable to be afraid and doing whatever is necessary to sustain life on a consistent basis in their lives. The chaos emerges when Caesar allows humans to work on rebuilding power for their resources and another ape Koba feels like his leader/friend has become weak. Takes advantage of an opportunity to create war among the humans, Koba goes bananas (no pun intended) and strikes into the fear of his own kind. Eventually we see triumph when Caesar and Koba duel in one of the coolest and emotional fights of the decade in film. Forget the CGI for a moment and feel the emotional connection you may have with Caesar.

Andy Serkis does a PHENOMENAL job as Caesar and taps into that emotional state of what it's like for an ape with a high level of skills, strength & intelligence that it feels unbearable to live with those amazing qualities yet have that primal instinct which is difficult to accept. Once you let go of a CGI talking ape you will find out the connection that is developing when you bring in the psychology and body language that is full of amazing energy and insane power of spirit.

In the next film War Of The Planet Of The Apes which is set for July of next year, it is supposedly following the events of Dawn and the ape colony is at war with the humans. What i'd like to see is a possible near death experience unlike the last film (which I won't spoil) where around 30 min. into the film Caesar is "Killed" off and throughout the film until maybe the last 20 min. his son Blue Eyes takes the role from his father and develops a relationship with a series of humans or just one maybe and gets into a much larger role that would be amazing to see because the humans are so out for blood that the army is making an appearance and wants to wipe out the colony once and for all. When at least expected, Caesar jumps into the battle out of nowhere to make peace with both sides and ends up fighting Blue Eyes and possibly killing him on accident in the process. This would be a great start for a fourth film where there's redemption and developing relationships between both human and ape. The fourth film aught to have a emphasis of Caesar being possibly turned into a slave by his own kind and the humans have become so strung out from the war that they have trouble wanting to save him or get control over the colony in itself.

There are so many possibilities and each ape character having a personality that is so emotional in their own way and how they see a leader from both ends of the spectrum. I love how they bring the psychology and body language to these characters and the interactions with humans makes you feel sympathy for both sides but film wise i'm for team Caesar. What would be your idea of how this film will play out? How do YOU see a fourth film starting out? I look forward to your feedback and HAIL CAESAR!!!

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