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Whenever there is something Fiction whether its from books, movies, TV shows or whatever; chances are there is small form of truth to it even microscopic. I've never seen the show but have seen quite a bit of the film and although this drug takes on a life of its own, its not that far off of possibly being a real thing. Yes its embellished with a series of the effects but one thing is for sure. There is a possible element out there that can enhance focus and concentration that creates a powerful effect on the brain and nervous system.

There is a supplement out there that I have found that targets memory enhancement and laser-sharp focus that is healthier than adderall and far less side effects and for the most part is completely . When I thought about the film recently, it made me think of this powerful herbs that is being sold that gives a person a stronger sense of focus and increases the ability to think more clearly and do so with calming effects and is supresses anxiety & depression. It's called Bacopa Organic Extract and like a portion of the fictional drug, it creates powerful neurotransmitters in the brain and blood flow to increase certain aspects of intelligence and brain power. No it doesn't increase strength like PCP and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg yet it produces a real life entity of how Limitless can be in actual society.

Unlike Bradley Cooper's character from the film, its not addicting and doesn't turn you into a monster of a person and doing everything you have to do to get it. You can live the life (possibly) like a Limitless Character without all the violent inquiries and deceitful personality.

What would that feel like, how would it improve your focus on the things you love; be able to read at a faster pace, recall things that haven't thought of in years, be more aware of what's happening as you watch your favorite movie or tv show? Look at it this way, if you could take something that is completely natural and it enhanced a new outlook of getting more views for your articles, increase your passion for writing and make it as a Movie Journalist in ; would you do? You want to create better articles for your readers, have better understanding of what you say, do and do so with a higher sense of flow that feels freaking effortless; tell me this wouldn't do it for you.

Like I said we all love movies, shows, comics, video games and we share our passion with the world. Us creators want to be seen, heard and have a blast doing so. This thing can give you greater ideas and add insights to your own ideas to create insanely awesome articles and getting thousands, millions of views for it. You can be in real life.

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