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I haven't seen the film yet but I what I do know is that there is a teaser about the in a post-credits scene that is similar to a scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Like millions of kids back in the day, I was a massive fan. I couldn't get enough of it, coming back to a in-home daycare I grew up in, drop my backpack and have her turn it on. Green Ranger was my all-time favorite and is the very reason why my favorite color is Green. The character played by Jason David Frank was just awesome and as campy as the show was, he made it interesting that glued the other characters together.

I was such a fan that I sent for the and got all the cool stuff that came with it. I even went as far as having a Green Ranger outfit done for me for Halloween in 1994 (I'll be 33 this year).

Now that I got all that nostalgia out of my system it's time to get down to business. The Green Ranger is about as Iconic as you can get. Nobody can truly replace this character or Ranger for that matter and that's Ok. I do believe however that because of the new generation of fans and the new film that has just been released, it's time to take things a step further and bring in fresh talent for the character. I do believe the character this time should be female. The more you keep it Male, it becomes a cliche and you'll still be relying on a guy that has done it already. JDF can never be replaced but I'am open to the idea that this character can have a different aspect of potential as a woman.

Many are in rage that this idea is even thought of and it's really only because of fear that it will tarnish the character and ruin the image of what the original was (It's not the same Power Rangers people). You can't have the same exact story from a TV show, you can have similar traits and characters that are well known but the story needs to be fresh otherwise you won't have another form of excitement that brings a new level of imagination. The Green Ranger being female does have a lot of potential and I do have a small share of skepticism but yet love the idea of giving it a chance. Yes there is a chance it'll get screwed up but it also has a chance to take on a new life of its own and have it be a major hit with fans old and new.

The character can be named Tamina Oliver (nicknamed Tommy by her father) that was once played by a Ranger we all know and love. That can be the passing of the torch and a new setting of the new generation of what's to come. It'll be an inside jester to how far we have come and what can potentially be a greater aspect that Women are indeed bad asses and can play a character better than a guy can. Let's face it, we need more Female superheroes and letting them shine on their own. We're already getting set up for Wonder Woman, Marvel's Captain Marvel is only another couple years away and who knows what can become of the Power Rangers Sequels.

In this universe of the Power Rangers, Tamina uses martial arts to cope with what secretly has been (bluntly) a rough road before coming to Angel Grove and being sucked into Rita Repulsa's dark spell. Being raised by a single father that had a hard time protecting her from either being bullied or assaulted and has issues making friends, befriending the Rangers in school and slowly but surely transition from a shy and lonely kid to being a high ranking leader and bringing everyone together. That would be a hell of a backstory for the character because for women, it's tough enough as it is and has to fight even harder to have their place among men, that's the moral of the backstory and showing that despite the hard fought struggles, it's possible to become a leader and have a powerful attitude in a positive way.

The original show back in the 90's was very campy but it had a powerful message that still lives on to this day and that message can transition into the films and bring another outlook on how these characters develop over time. Look into the very depths of what makes this character iconic then turn up the volume and have a woman be that character.

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