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Words cannot truly describe what has occurred. This is one of the most heartbreaking articles I ever had to write, but I felt the world needed to know about one of the strongest, most humble and fearless young men I ever had the distinct honor of knowing.

He wasn't an actor or a big shot but he was a one of a kind human being that had superhuman strength, a mighty heart and a taste for life many his generation can never comprehend. His name was Noah Jeffries; the son of one of the most powerful strongmen on this planet. He was the son of one of my dearest and amazing friends that's a mentor and humble to all around him. Noah was an exceptional human being in every aspect of the word. The only thing surpassing his physical strength was the strength of his heart and soul. He died tragically in a motorcycle accident and had succumb to horrific injuries. He was only 21 years old.

His gifts seemed like an idea out of a comic book that not only existed but I was very fortunate to see it up close and personal. The strength he possessed was not only unique but incredibly unbelievable; whenever you hear some of the things he had pulled off, you either thought it wasn't real or he was taking drugs at a crazy young age, neither are true. He has bent and even broken in half many steel spikes and wrenches, lifted more weight than any kid I've ever encountered and had an eye for shooting that made you think it was out of a james bond movie. Beyond those things, he had a heart like no other, a beautiful spirit that would light up when you met him, even when I met him when was a teenager, you knew he was a force not to mess with both inside and out.

I first met him when he was just a teen but yet towered most of the people we were with both in height and in strength. I shook his hand, and he called me Sir. No kid before or since ever called me that and I was around 27 at the time so being called sir was a real odd thing to me. So polite and so sweet, he was just a big teddy bear. He grew and had powers many of us could never have truly predicted. We knew he was something special though, the world was in the palm of his hands and not only could he crush it, he would've molded it into what he could bring in it. He was genuine, legit and full of life that didn't seem real but yet although so young, he made an impact in ways that could never be duplicated and nothing nor anybody could replace him.

His parents are amazing and beautiful people that are not just physically strong but have stronger personalities and hearts that I can no where near describe. I have been around his father Bud a few times and it was never a dull moment and I had never heard of a man that talked about his son more than he did, he truly loved Noah that's just amazing. I did strongman shows with this guy multiple times and he always made it fun and great to watch. Truly wish I could've done a show with Noah and see his true power at work. I'm so honored to have met him when I did and it will stay with me till the day I die, he was loved and is in a better place. He was one of the few in this world that made it beautiful and gave us a glimpse to what we truly can be as a human. He's the embodiment of pure strength that went beyond the physical and I will miss him more than he or his parents will ever know. He was Superman.

I encourage you all to love one another, don't be afraid to show your emotions and be humble to one another. Honor who you love and cherish who you have in this world. Hug tight, love hard and never give up on those that give you the most joy. Rest in peace my friend, I love you and show to those wherever you are what real strength is.

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