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When Marley and Ryder, two characters from McKinley High School's second generation Glee Club roster, did not end up a couple in "," many of us dedicated fans took to social media to vent our disappointment... However, when news later broke that , who played Marley, and , who played Ryder, had gotten married, we all felt (justifiably) vindicated. Apparently some fairytale endings do come true... or so we thought, until a few days ago.

Back when reality was awesome and fiction was the one that sucked ass. (Fox, Glee)
Back when reality was awesome and fiction was the one that sucked ass. (Fox, Glee)

Benoist, who now plays the titular character in CW's "," is reported to be ending her almost two-year marriage with former "Glee" co-star Blake Jenner, citing (the usual Hollywood explanation) "irreconcilable differences" as reason for divorce.

TMZ reports that Melissa intends to "block the court's ability to dish out spousal support" to either party- an easy request considering (fortunately or unfortunately?) the couple has never had any children.

She is also reportedly looking to change her legal surname back to Benoist, from Jenner, which sadly pretty much finalizes things.

The last time they posted (sweet things) about each other in public was during each other's birthdays, on Instagram. Melissa called Blake a "big goof" and was still writing to him those three special words-

-while Blake, five weeks later, responded in kind with an equally sweet ILY and called his now-ex his "best friend and partner in crime."

Of course this is all just completely off the Internet; behind-the-scenes, things could be very different; they could be all smiles online but hurting offline—which if you think about it, makes the split even harder to take. Once again, Hollywood has blindsided us with yet another distressing divorce. Nevertheless, we are with the couple during this terrible time, and we hope everything will just somehow work out for the best, between them, in the end.

Benoist and Jenner first met on the set of "Glee," where they played on-again, off-again lovers and . Off-screen, they got hitched in secret around 2015 (after announcing their engagement in 2013); word later got out around that they've already been married for months when Benoist was found during the San Diego Comic-Con that year with a band around her ring finger... and Jenner likewise. The last time 28-year-old Melissa and 24-year-old Blake acted opposite each other was during the first season of "Supergirl," where Blake played Adam Foster, Cat Grant's (played by the delightful Calista Flockhart) estranged son. He appeared in two episodes (but was mentioned in five).

The calm before the storm. (CW, Supergirl)
The calm before the storm. (CW, Supergirl)

Besides Benoist and Jenner, this year a number of other celebrity marriages have also ended shockingly in divorce: there was Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyers, and of course Brangelina, among others.

Although this sort of thing is already (sadly) run-of-the-mill among celebrities, 2016 has generally been an awful year for everyone—Hollywood romance, unfortunately, being no exception.

Note: TMZ reported two days ago that Benoist and Jenner got married in 2013. Numerous sources, however, dispute this; the couple only got engaged in 2013. They were reportedly married in March 2015.


Are you devastated to hear that Ryley, both on-screen and off-screen, is now officially over?

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