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Just like Zoom before him, Savitar is plaguing Team Flash this season, driving everyone (characters and fans alike) mad with the question of who he really is. This mystery has proved to be very successful, injecting a sense of tension and enigma into an otherwise fairly pedestrian season.

Taunting the team with crafty clues, many fans are theorizing that Savitar is actually the Flash himself — or rather, an alternate, evil version of his future self. Savitar may have told us this already, literally saying "I am the future, Flash", but admittedly, there are plenty of other people on Team Flash that could betray Barry and turn into Savitar. Right now though, all we have is speculation and guesswork — though this episode title may have just confirmed the most popular Savitar theory.

Speaking at the convention Paleyfest, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg dropped plenty of hints about Savitar, as well as upcoming episodes of .

"With Savitar, we know who he is under there. We’ve been planning this for a while and we’re really excited about it."

Savitar isn't the only villain who's traveled back from the future to pester Barry though — Kreisberg also revealed that Abra Kadabra is not from present day, and he will challenge Barry to question his own morality.

"Episode 18 has Abra Kadabra, who is also a villain from the future. He knows who Savitar is and comes with a moral conundrum: Do Barry and the team let Abra Kadabra go in order to get Savitar’s identity? It’s a great mortality play. Iris and Barry have a great scene, ‘Can you be a hero if you do one bad thing?' "

And now we're getting to the good stuff — this kind of moral quandary is exactly the kind of foreshadowing that could precede the revelation that Savitar is in fact the Flash from the future.

Future Flash even looks similar to Savitar. [Credit: DC]
Future Flash even looks similar to Savitar. [Credit: DC]

Kreisberg also confirmed the title of an upcoming episode as "The Once and Future Flash". This episode will feature Barry running into the future, and it references a 1993 issue of the comics.

"Barry decides that the only way he can find out what he needs to know is in the future."

The episode title isn't just a nod to that one issue, though. Future Flash is a villain from the comics, and he is actually Barry from 20 years in the future, after a traumatic event — the death of Wally West — caused him to turn to the dark side. Considering Savitar's prophecy that "one will die", it's entirely possible that we'll see these events unfold in The Flash Season 3.

That episode title might just confirm the popular fan theory that Savitar is actually Future Flash — and the fact that this plot has been planned "for a while" implies that the revelation, when it comes, will be an absolute game-changer.


Do you think Savitar is Future Flash?

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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