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There are so many things to celebrate about Disney's , from its fearless heroine to the gorgeous visuals, but one thing that we certainly couldn't live without is its incredible soundtrack, which Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda contributed to. From "How Far I'll Go" to "We Know The Way," the songs are catchy and great to sing along to — and we don't love just them because they managed to finally, finally give us an ear worm alternative to Frozen's "Let It Go."

A Sing-Along Version Of 'Moana' Will Be Shown In US Theaters Starting January 27

What better news, then, than to hear that has added the song lyrics to the film for its next round in theaters? That's right, you're invited to belt out your favorite tunes in the theater starting January 27 and savor the faces of the unsuspecting members of the audience who thought this would just be a regular screening.

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If you're not in the US, however, you won't have to wait too long to set up your very own Polynesian karaoke at home: Moana will be released on digital February 21 and on Blu-ray March 7.


What's your favorite 'Moana' song?

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