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When you see a movie title like A Ghost Story, it seems safe to assume it's going to be a horror movie — or at least a mild thriller, a story of a haunted house or a dark attic or some hallucinating character who thinks they're being followed around by a floaty, semi-transparent entity. Although it features a ghost, is anything but a horror movie, and rather a soft-spoken, delicate tale of grief and the passage of time.

, the production company behind this year's Oscar winner for Best Picture, Moonlight, picked up A Ghost Story at the Sundance Film Festival, and it looks like another highly promising and original feature. The movie reunites and with their Ain't Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery, whose Ghost Story is miles away from his other recent movie, the children's blockbuster Pete's Dragon.

Watch The First Trailer For 'A Ghost Story'

A Ghost Story follows Rooney Mara's character after the death of her husband, played by Casey Affleck first and Casey Affleck under a blanket after. It might seem like an incongruous idea, but the presence of the ghost serves as a touching commentary on the feeling of absence that follows the death of a loved one, and how we remember their presence. To add to the intimate theme, the square ratio and the vintage feel would almost make you believe that this is an old dream, sprung from the imagination of its main character.

It's definitely an unusual type of movie, one that feels fresh and unexpected amidst the blockbusters that keep on rolling into cinemas. A Ghost Story has garnered fascinated reviews after its screening at Sundance, with The Film Stage calling it "an unforgettable meditation on love and grief" and "a wholly unique experience that lingers long after the credits roll." For the Hollywood Reporter, it's "a poetic meditation on time, memory and spiritual connection" — not for everyone, but definitely worth the watch if that sounds appealing to you.

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It's also got a gorgeous poster:

'A Ghost Story' [Credit: A24]
'A Ghost Story' [Credit: A24]

A Ghost Story is set for release July 7.

(Sources: The Film Stage, The Hollywood Reporter)

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