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Though summer is mostly synonym of flip flops, ice cream cones and unsuccessful tanning attempts, it's also the season for pop corn and blockbusters. While it might be ironic that we go lock ourselves in a dark room when the sunlight is at its brightest outside, these few months always provide a fresh and exciting crop of movies — and the air conditioning inside the theater will actually give you a nice break from the sweltering heat.

Below, you'll find your preview of summer 2017 movies to look out for, from horror to superheroes to science fiction. If the one movie you're really excited for this summer is missing from the list, feel free to recommend it in the comments below!

1. 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2': May 5

Do the still need an introduction? 's surprise success when the first movie came out in 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy is back with a second chapter that looks like it has all the ingredients of its predecessor: Inappropriate humor, unlikely heroes and awesome music.

2. 'Alien: Covenant': May 19

continues to warn us that there's no such thing as friendly aliens. Starring and , this new chapter sees the Covenant ship discover a whole new world — and realize they're going to have to escape it fast.

3. 'Baywatch': May 26

Combine , , a lot of muscle and a bunch of beach babes, and you've got , the ultimate recipe for a lighthearted and action-packed summer movie.

4. 'Wonder Woman': June 2

After the lukewarm reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, the DCEU is heavily betting on to turn things around for them. Gal Gadot stars as Diana of Themyscira, an Amazon with extraordinary powers who goes on a mission to put an end to World War I.

5. 'It Comes At Night': June 9

Outstanding indie production company A24 delivers a tense horror movie with , starring Mad Max's Riley Keough and Loving's Joel Edgerton. In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a mysterious threat, a small family is desperately trying to hold together — until the arrival of a group of newcomers introduces more chaos into their lives.

6. 'Rough Night': June 16

You think horror movies are better watched in the cold, dead winter and would rather go see something fun and absurd in the summer? brings back the Hangover-style adventure, this time with a bunch of ladies who might just have killed a stripper on their friend's bachelorette trip. Rough Night stars , and .

7. 'Cars 3': June 16

is back this summer with , an oddly serious sequel in the Cars franchise that dives even deeper into its hero's complicated relationship with fame, winning, and getting old.

8. 'Baby Driver': June 28

From the director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, submitted itself to an interesting creative challenge: Choreographed action scenes to the sound of the main character's playlist. He's called Baby and he's got a constant ringing sound in his ears, so he always turns up the volume when he's driving around at his job for a group of gangsters. But when he decides he wants to walk away from the job, things get a bit complicated.

9. 'Spider-Man: Homecoming': July 7

There have been many takes on the iconic character of , but Homecoming might be the most highly anticipated one. Starring , the reboot of the franchise goes all the way back to high school, as a young Peter Parker struggles to prove himself and define his identity as a superhero.

10. 'War For The Planet Of The Apes': July 14

The war between humans and intelligent apes reaches its high point in War for the Planet of the Apes, in which the ape leader Caesar has to face countless losses inflicted by the human army and lead his group into the ultimate conflict. While the human Colonel is played by , it's behind Caesar.

11. 'Dunkirk': July 21

is back with Dunkirk, a dive into one very particular moment of World War II history when Allied soldiers, surrounded by the German army, had to be evacuated from Dunkirk. The movie's star-studded cast includes , , , and even pop darling .

12. 'Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets': July 21

Luc Besson, who directed The Fifth Element and Lucy, is diving into science-fiction again with . Adapted from a comic book series, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets stars Dane DeHaan and model turned actress Cara Delevingne as two operatives on a mission to save Alpha, the City of a Thousand Planets.

13. 'Atomic Blonde': July 28

James Bond's got nothing on 's character in : Lorraine Broughton is an undercover MI6 agent who travels to Berlin during the Cold War to shed light on the mysterious murder of a fellow agent.

14. 'The Emoji Movie': July 28

Yes, there is an happening thanks to , and yes, the Poop emoji is voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart. Taking place inside a smartphone, The Emoji Movie will center around the character of Gene, voiced by Deadpool's T.J. Miller, who can't ascribe himself to one category and is desperate to fit in with the rest of the phone's emoji.

15. 'The Dark Tower': August 4

'The Dark Tower' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'The Dark Tower' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

Loosely based on the series, is finally coming to cinemas with as the Gunslinger and as the Man in Black. Part western, part horror movie, part fantasy, The Dark Tower is about the Gunslinger's quest to save his world, a mysterious dimension called Mid-World, by finding the famous Dark Tower.

16. 'Annabelle: Creation': August 11

Potentially a prequel to Annabelle, exploits the well-known horror trope of the murderous doll. A doll maker, his wife and a group of orphans have to deal with the nightmare of the possessed doll.

Which movie are you looking forward to this summer? Post your recommendations below!

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