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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'

Do you often find talking to real human women difficult, confusing or just plain terrifying? Do you frequently spend long lonely nights cradling your well-loved "hug pillow" while dreaming of synthetic flesh? Well thanks to a bunch of technicians in America you may never have to interact with a living female again. Rejoice!

In what can only be described as the realization of Ex Machina meets Westworld via Pornhub, you can now purchase a series of customizable dolls who are able to remember your birthday, discuss your food, film and music preferences and even "orgasm" while you engage in some robot-human relations.

I know right, these orgasm-on-command talking Realdolls look set to replace flesh women entirely, especially those who are bad at remembering important dates, and according to the "Experts" at LadBible, by 2050 humans will be able to marry their own sex doll brides. What a time to be alive!

Meet "Harmony," She Thinks Sex Is One Of The Most Fascinating Things In The World!

Aside from discussing pizza toppings or the over-sexualization of women in the work of Lars Von Trier, these dolls are also able to converse about such things as, wait for it, sex! Don't believe me? Just check out the above video clip and try telling me that "Harmony's" Trainspotting-on-helium accent doesn't give you those naughty tingly feelings in your starved nethers.

You Can Design Your Perfect Woman - Now With 40 Nipple Variations!

Based in San Marcos, San Diego, Realdoll's new line of robotic women are fully customizable to cater for your every whim and need. From choosing a doll's toenail color to "vaginal insert style," with additional 7" removable mouth inserts, elf ears and over 40 nipple color options, there's nothing the Realdoll technicians haven't thought of in the name of ensuring romance and misogyny are well and truly alive in the twenty first century.

But It's Not Just What's On The Outside That Counts

As the saying goes, it's not just what's on the outside that counts, true beauty comes from within. Thankfully, Realdoll have got this covered by creating a vast variety of downloadable personalities for their dolls. Ranging from "intellectual" to "shy," "thrill-seeking," "sexual," "kind," "jealous" and the classically female "annoying," virtually every woman you could ever dream of can be created in the Realdoll factory!

So, will you be purchasing a $10,000 talking Realdoll?

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