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With just one week to go until we can all sink our teeth in to the new Sims game pack EA are releasing more teasers to get us bat crazy about it. (I would apologise now for the puns but they will keep'll learn to love to hate them) ;)

If you're reading this then I'm sure you've seen the initial promo. If not here it is:

But what you MAY not have seen is this new promo detailing the POWERS we'll get too!

Welcome to Forgotten Hollow:

As you can see there's a lot more going on in this game pack! On first viewing I'd say they have based their vampires more on shows like the Vampire Diaries than twinkly ones, but who knows, maybe you'll be able to make both! But the drinking blood to transform, the running super fast, and the 'upgrades' to what looks like the ability to walk in the sun (did someone say daylight ring) eludes to Vampire Diaries style. I mean just check out Vlad, looks just like Damon....or not.

So what other powers might we be getting? Other than what has been revealed, including bat transformations, creepy fog/mist, super speed, and having command over minds, the icons might suggest extra sharp teeth, less sensitive to sunlight, and a tolerance for garlic. Immortality is likely a given, but what could kill a vamp?

A ray of sunlight would probably result in burning to death (which has been rumoured in recent code investigations). Could death by garlic also occur? Better be careful when attending dinner parties. What about a coffin ceasing shut? Who knows, but one thing seems obvious, you can be any type of vamp you want. Traditional and creepy, master of romance and manipulation, or even veggie who wouldn't hurt a fly! (except maybe as a bats eat flies?)

So fellow simmers, better get practising on those basement refurbs! (hey - I didn't even get any more puns in! Fangcy that!).

Yeah...that one was terrible.

Happy simming!

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