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Watch Agents of SHIELD!": apparently, Joss Whedon said AoS is a "fever dream"- it is not really part of the MCU. (I know, that doesn't make a ton of sense for it not to be a part of the MCU, but that is what Joss is quoted as saying.) SPOILERS AHEAD SPOILERS AHEAD Also, Kit: if I remember correctly from Ant-Man, the Yellowjacket suit was destroyed, along with all of the research that went into it. Remember when the ants fried the hard drives? Or when the building blew up near the end? Or when Ant-Man went subatomic to beat Yellowjacket? (Or is there something I missed that could have saved the Yellowjacket tech? I only saw the movie twice) I know Ant-Man's main baddy was Yellowjacket, but I (personally) haven't heard anything about a sequel yet.

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