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.... Or any other future MCU movie, and not necessarily Ant-Man 2. Hulk has come back since 2008, but not in his own movie. And, Yellowjacket is as likely to return to the MCU as Malekith is. (Which is the main point I was trying to make with the latter ~2/3ish of my original comment.) Also, while Joss isn't with Marvel anymore, he is/was a lot closer to the people that DO know stuff than you or I. (Y'know, Disney and Kevin Feige?) AoS is a lot of fun to watch, and I really wish Coulson would return to the big screen with the Avengers, I just don't feel like it really is a part of things. Like it is effected by the movies, but the movies don't even know that it is there... since the movies seem to say SHIELD isn't around anymore, period, and Coulson is supposedly the head of SHIELD.

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