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Every Hydraulic System uses the return line filter. It is specially designed to directly mount onto the tank cover. So you can effortlessly replace the filter elements when you need. It is perfect for maintaining it easily. You must select the return line filter according to the maximum flow of the hydraulic system. In order to ensure that your return line filter is working efficiently, it is important to replace the return line and take care of the filter often. According to the user manual, you’ll able to determine what type of filter it is and when and how often it must be changed according to the recommendation of the manufacturer. This could be from six months to a year and it totally depends on how you use your vacuum.

The Return Line Filter must be changed when all the dirt-holding capacity of the filter is used up. But you should change the filter before the bypass valve opens. This needs some mechanism to monitor the flow restriction across filter elements. This will alert you when the point is reached. If the filter in the hydraulic system is continuously monitored it will give you the clues about the filter performance and entire condition of the system.

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Return Line Filter

Pressure Filtration

When you locate the filtering media in the pressure line, it provides maximum protection for all the components located in the downstream. The filtration rates of two microns or less are highly possible; because of the positive pressure, it forces the fluid through the media. As the results, the filter efficiency may be reduced which can disturb the trapped particles. The biggest disadvantage of pressure filtration is that it is economic because the housing and other elements must design to withstand the system operating pressure, the pressure filtration is very high in cost and has highest initial.

The Return Filtration

The basis for locating the filtering in the return line is if the reservoir and the oil in the system contain start out clean. All the air that enters the reservoir and oil that returns are adequately filtered; this is how the fluid cleanliness is maintained. The another advantage of the return line is that the sufficient pressure is available in the filter location to force the fluid through the fine media mostly 10 microns, however, the pressure is not adequate to complicate the filter or housing design.

Duplex Return Line Filters

Monitoring the filter pressure continuously will provide the early signs of failure of the components and the rupturing of elements. For example, if delta P across the pressure filters has increased the pressure suddenly from 1 to 3 bars. This could the early indication of the imminent failure of the upstream components. In the same, the sudden decrease in the delta P indicates the rupture in the elements and the standard clogging indicator will not warm of the system. If you decide to change the filter on hours in service, than it is a costly mistake and this is one the common mistake made by the hydraulic equipment users.

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