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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?

Some people are just straight up lucky and have all the best and coolest ideas for art. People just like Buenos Aires-based graphic designer Alexandre Tissier, who took it upon himself to create a bunch of awesome Lego mash-ups.

Named Fiction Meets Fiction, the series is a celebration of the limitless possibilities of the little bricks of joy. The freedom of experimentation! Let's have a look.


Suave, cold-blooded and incredibly agile is the Spider-Bond. This very idea gives me chills. Two characters that couldn't be any less different come together to create a formidable foe.

Lazy Superhero

D'oh, bub.
D'oh, bub.

This is brilliant! i don't think Homer would even know what to do with an adamantium skeleton. Would be easier for him to get into cans of Duff though I guess!

Lady Vaderfly

I think this one may be the most obscure of the set.

Young Dark Knight

Who never played Batman as a kid? Making a cape out of your jacket and running around the school yard, jumping up on things and screaming "I am the shadow in the night!" I dunno about the last bit, but this is pretty cute.

I've already isolated what Lego I want for Christmas, I mean, you're never too old for a good old play are you? Definitely not!

(Source: Alexandre Tissier)


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