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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?

X-Men's Apocalypse is, I think, my villain of villains in the realm of pop culture. You can't get much better. He isn't as ubiquitous and over-used as Darth Vader, is more original that Firefly's Reavers and would laugh off Ganondorf's terrible intentions before booting the desert dwelling douchbag into relative obscurity. Yeah, Apocalypse is a don.

But the only man I think that outdid the purple menace in X-Men: Apocalypse is Evan Peter's returning Quicksilver, the slither of swift awesomeness that also happens to own some pretty badass band tees too. Dunno why I never picked up a 'Dark Side of the Moon' tee...

But yeah, unsurprisingly YouTuber EzPlays has managed to combine Quicksilver's pacey prowess with the apocalyptic film-making/cutting tool otherwise known as Fallout 4 and create a brilliant homage to, what is arguably, X-Men: Apocalypse's greatest scene. Even Eurythmics' seminal hit single 'Sweet Dreams' comes along for the run!

You'd better see this coming:

So it may not have been the entire scene, but it was still pretty friggin' magical right?

What do you think?

Get over to EzPlays' channel to have a look at more badass Fallout 4 shaped content, like his attempt at getting One Punch Man into the wasteland, and other such brilliance. Go on, do it. DO IT!

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