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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?

You'd never think it was possible, but after two years fraught with heinous changes and much publicised mistreatments of video game auteurs and other members of staff, shunning classic franchises to go *gasps* down the mobile game and pachinko route and apparently being close to going bust, Konami is managing to reach EA levels of villainy within the video games industry. Or so says the hype machine that is the internet.

But apart from bastardizing the Metal Gear franchise and turning it into yet another third-person, zombie slaying mishmash, and transforming Castlevania into an *squints at screen* erotic pachinko game...Konami still aren't doing too badly for themselves. Well, despite erotic Castlevania...

So How Much Money Does Konami Make From Video Games?

Well thanks to Forestl over on Reddit, who painstakingly added up the numbers on Konami's financial situation, we can learn that Konami is actually divided up into four different sections:

  • Digital Entertainment
MGS: Ground Zeroes [Credit: Konami]
MGS: Ground Zeroes [Credit: Konami]

This, the biggest part of Konami, is the department in which all of its console and mobile games are created, and accounts for 45% of the company's revenue. From to Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu (a mobile baseball game series), according to Konami's yearly earnings review the company made ¥132,682 million ($1,1 million as of today) at the end of the fiscal year back on March 31st, 2016, which is a 26.8% bump compared to 2015's ¥96,975 million.

Then Konami would go on to make ¥44,894 million ($388,654 as of today) in the six months ending on September 30th, 2016, which is a 2.6% bump to earnings when compared to 2015. This is mainly down to their success with mobile games in Japan with Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu nearly crossing the 30 million downloads mark. So Konami isn't faring too poorly in its native Japan.

Even though last year saw possibly the best iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer in the past five or six years, FIFA 17 still managed to wipe the floor with PES 17 in the UK—probably soccer games' biggest market. But at least PES' Japanese iteration, Winning Eleven, managed to sell well at home.

  • Health & Fitness
[Credit: GaijinPot]
[Credit: GaijinPot]

Though we're gathered here today to talk about Konami's video game revenue, I thought it would be interesting to show just how ubiquitous the company is within Japan. Konami also own a bunch of gyms in the land of the rising sun, and these fitness centres managed to rake in ¥106,309 million for the company in 2016. How mad is that? The fitness side of Konami accounts for approximately 35% of their income!

  • Gaming & Systems
[Credit: GGR Asia]
[Credit: GGR Asia]

This section of Konami is where its casino-bound slot machines are born and was unfortunate to not perform so well in 2016. The company lost around 8% of its profits last year due to less investment from casinos and competition from other establishments and companies, or so say Konami.

  • Amusement
[Credit: Konami]
[Credit: Konami]

And finally, this is where Konami's arcade games and pachinko machines are created. This section is currently Konami's worst performing division, and that's mainly down to pachinko. Their arcade games are performing admirably, but due to confusing changes in regulations and a loss of customers, this section's revenue in 2016 was down a whopping 88.2% from last year (2016 saw Konami's pachinko revenue drop from ¥3,061 million to ¥308,000). So it will be very interesting to see whether Konami decides to remain in this market.

Isn't it interesting to peer behind the veil and see exactly how it is a business as huge as Konami works? Gyms, man! Who would have thought. Anyway, I hope this is the year Konami does something bloody spectacular to get us on its side again, because Lord knows PES 2018 and Metal Gear Survive may not be the saviors it so badly requires to make up for past losses.

What do you think?

[Source: Reddit, Konami]

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