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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?

The never-ending will they, won't they saga of the Uncharted movie hit new heights this weekend after an image of the finished current draft of the script appeared online. Which is good news, I guess, seeing as the movie was supposed to drop this year.

Writer/director Joe Carnahan, who you may remember created The Grey—the film where Liam Neeson kicks a load of hungry wolf butt—posted the image to Instagram on Sunday and lavished his work with praise, calling it a "BEAST" and "monstrously cool."

The production, which has been passed around from numerous directors and writers over its almost nine years in development—BAFTA-winning director David O. Russell (Three Kings, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle) was one of the names attached to direct back in 2010—has been blighted with so many complications it would be a surprise if it actually saw the light of day.

David O. Russell [Credit: Reuters]
David O. Russell [Credit: Reuters]

But the movie has actually come close to gracing celluloid. The feature was scheduled to begin filming back in 2015, with The Hollywood Reporter... reporting that the movie would be picking up a June 2016 release date—this was with Seth Gordon directing and David Guggenheim and Oscar-winning writer Mark Boal penning the script—but unfortunately that didn't come to pass.

[Credit: Naughty Dog]
[Credit: Naughty Dog]

Then, last summer, Sony recruited Carnahan to step in and take over writing duty, with Night at the Museum and Stranger Things director Shawn Levy helming. It's been crazy for the poor IP. Whether or not the movie will stay on course to reach its current June 30, 2017 release date is anyone's guess. It'll more than likely end up getting pushed back another year to avoid the all-conquering beast that will be Star Wars Episode VIII.

But I really do hope the Uncharted movie comes to pass. I really want to see how Sony Pictures will tackle a game that's already steeped in wonderfully crafted characters and narratives.

Don't you? Are you still interested in the Uncharted movie?

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