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Overall Score 7/10 | Clicking to The Stars – BY ERIK PILLAR

Clicker Guild is a game all about madly clicking your way to greatness via grinding and burning your time, in a good way.

Plot and Character:

There is no story in this game beyond the initial premise. You are a Hero, and you’re killing monsters to gain coin to hire other adventures into your guild to kill monsters faster, and so on and such. Each new hero hired has a unique look and name, and in general their coolness factor increased the more money they require to hire. Some of the late game heroes come with names like ‘Plague’ and ‘Dread’ and their appearances nicely reflect their names.

Mood and Atmosphere:

The art style of Clicker Guild is simple, but used welly and looks good. As mentioned above, each character in your guild looks unique and has their own flair. There is a wide variety of monsters to fight, and plenty of different ‘zones’ to do so in – each with its own look too.

Musically, this game was great as well. The soundtrack held few numbers, but they were very ambient in nature and fit the vibe of the game – and I could easily see myself listening to the songs all on my own, no game needed.

Game Play:

Your time spent in Clicker Guild is spent mostly on its namesake, clicking. Each time you click on the screen, both mouse buttons work, you do damage to the monster you’re fighting. In addition, the heroes you hire all do damage automatically too – and you can upgrade their damage greatly at a higher and higher cost.

The game started with upgrades costing only dozens of gold, and by time I stopped the next hero to hire would have cost me in the septillions. Reflecting that cost, my heroes were all doing crazy damage by that time too – but the monsters health had grown to match. This is a true grinding game, you will never reach a point where you’ve ‘won’ and you’re not working toward something greater.

Adding on to the game are various abilities you can unlock via hero upgrades: such as extra gold per-click for a limited time, and temporary boosts to critical hit chance. A final form of progression is the ascension system. Once you’ve reached zone three, you can choose to ascend. Doing so will wipe out all your heroes and upgrades and set you back at zone one, but you’ll have gained a form of currency called stars. Stars can be used to buy mega upgrades: such as a permanent double damage, and boxes full of loot and coins.


I hesitate to call this a game in the classical sense, but I enjoyed my time in Clicker Guild. The game practically plays itself, and that’s just fine. It fed my grinding urges quite nicely, and as I was able to play Click Guild and watch YouTube at the same time – letting me feel like I was getting more out of my time wasted.

Casual gamers, or even non-gamers, will find fun with Clicker Guild for a while, but more hardcore players might want to skip it for something more involved.

Clicker Guild was developed and published by Fox Dawn studios in late 2016 for PC.


Check this game out for free, with optional micro-transitions, via Steam.

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