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Overall Score | 7.5/10 One Month Max Buy – BY ERIK PILLAR

Star Wars- Knights of the Eternal Throne is the thrilling finale of a space opera tale that wows upfront but flails at end game.

Plot and Character:

If you’ve played the last expansion for this Star Wars themed MMO, then you’ll know what to expect going in. Most of the cast last time around is back for more, and just about everyone gets a moment or two to shine.

Direction takes a bit more of a darker turns this time around, as multiple members of your crew and allies – and enemies – can be killed off or lost at a moments notice. Some of the choices through the nine chapters available had me in knots and unsure of what to do. It was a true pleasure and bonus to only later find out that my choices had me actually deciding the fate of characters, and had I only gone another way I would have found myself a new ally to scuttle about the galaxy with.

For those unfamiliar, this Star Wars story takes place roughly 4000 years prior to A New Hope. The Republic and Empire together are under siege by a previously unknown force from the wild regions of space. Only you, as the commander of an alliance spanning worlds and comprised of those from all walks of life, are capable of standing up to this new threat, and in seizing control of the Eternal Throne.

I can’t talk much about the story, as it is the main focus of the game and chalk full of big reveals and potential spoilers. I’ll say this though, I had a grand time throughout my time spent – but despite an overall satisfying conclusion – I felt myself hankering for more, and scratching my head at more than a few possible plot holes left unplugged.

Mood and Atmosphere:

The general music score is on par to what we’ve seen before. Most of the recognizable soundtracks are pulled from Star Wars episodes 1-3, and are featured alongside some new and old songs alike make specifically for this game.

An increase in linearity makes for a wholly more cohesive and engaging play experience. The expansion does a good job of making you feel the epic moments for what they are, and even throws some challenges along the way.

The graphics at this point are somewhat dated, but they stand up in comparison to other games in the genre, and I found them to be quite acceptable. Draw distance and shadows could use some work for sure, but I quickly found myself getting past the technical limitations of the game for the greater story being told.

Game Play:

Right upfront is that this game is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). And, it’s a dated one at that. You’ll be spending your time playing pressing number buttons on a bar to cast and use your various abilities, much like in World of Warcraft.

You’ll find items and equipment upgrades as your level up, but most of the end game loot is acquired through a new system of command crates. Players earn these creates by taking part in events that earn them command points. You can get CP from just about anything in the game: Player versus player, flashpoints, operations, heroic quests, and fighting powerful enemies.

Outside of command crates you’ll find very little in the realm of equipment at max level. Cosmetic items still drop from boss enemies, and can be purchased via the in-game shop, but it is the crates that will be letting you gear up to take part in your chosen endgame activities.


In the end, there are better and more entertaining MMO games out there to be played. It is this reviewer’s recommendation that players check out the awesome story, enjoy the sweet, sweet, Star Wars Vibes, and move on once you’ve had your fill.

While technically a free to play game, the limitations are such that you’ll want to subscribe for $15 a month – which proved plenty enough time to experience the best the game has to offer.

Star Wars: The old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne was developed by BioWare studios and released July, 2016 for PC users.


The game is free-to-play, with restrictions, or fully playable, with an in-game cash-shop, for $15 a month.

Interested gamers should head on over to their Origin launcher to find the game, or check it out directly at

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