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Vampire are here to stay,not to be kicked out of the world because of thousand out of billion people doesn't like it. We love Vampires, well I certainly do if you don't. Vampire Academy just recently came out with high expectations for it to make a big amount. The most fans of the book loved, loved the movie!

A lot of people are saying-mostly the people who do not what Vampire Academy is about-it's because the actors lacked goodness, they taught it was too childish. Childish? Ha, they have no idea what they are talking about.

Vampire Academy did poor because not a lot of countries got the release on February 7th. As far as I know, only the US and Canada got the release date and Philippines, Romania, and India, etc

. As said by the Vampire Academy crew, other countries control the release date not them. After February 20th, more and more countries will be getting release dates, hopefully start making progress.

made a group on Facebook that involves brainstorming ideas to bring Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) to life and...and bring Adrian to life and of course Janine and god forgive me Tasha too. These are the most beloved characters as of Frostbite and so far, these are the only three new characters that appear in the book but are lightly mentioned in the Vampire Academy book. The group is doing a tremendous hard work and are promoting and sharing videos and so much more and I am so happy to be in a fandom that works so hard!

Vampire Academy now has jumped up to $6M in one day and hope for it to reach the amount where Frostbite can be made!

Some Vampires sparkles, some do not. Catch Vampire Academy and let us know on the comments if you liked it! I think you'll do!

"I don't believe in angels, I believe in what I can do for myself." Rosemarie Hathaway, Vampire Academy.

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