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Whether you're excited or not for 2017's movie, you should at least be praying with us that it becomes a box office hit, and here's why: If Power Rangers can pull it off, we'll get more live-action films from our favorite '90s moments.

There's nothing like '90s nostalgia. It's extremely popular right now, not only in reboots, but in toys and fashion, too. Later this year, fans are excited to welcome the new Power Rangers to the big screen, and if it does well, we can expect other studios to follow suit and recreate more '90s-based live-action films soon to follow. Here are six more that fans would love to see.

6. Disney's 'Gargoyles'

Fan Art of Live-Action Gargoyles Potential
Fan Art of Live-Action Gargoyles Potential

Disney's Gargoyles ran for three seasons in 1994–1997. It had an amazing voice cast, wonderful writing and a rich mythos. The cartoon begins in 10th century Scotland, where Gargoyles protected a medieval kingdom of humans, but they were still hated and feared. One night, the kingdom is betrayed by a Knight to Vikings, and the Gargoyles (in their daytime state of stone) were shattered and killed. Only five Gargoyles survive, but a sorcerer — believing them to have failed the kingdom — casts a spell turning them permanently to stone, and they can only be released from their sleep when the castle rises above the clouds. 1,000 years later when Xanatos, an inventor and villain, learns of the curse and buys the castle and its Gargoyles. He flies the Scottish castle to New York and adds it to the top of his skyscraper where the Gargoyles awaken.

The film has been rumored to exits and be in development for years, but nothing official has ever been announced. Come on Disney you're missing out!

The original 13-episode season was praised and loved by fans and critics, but when the second season was ordered for double the episodes by the network - something the writers didn't plan for - extra "fluff" episodes were added and the cohesive story line that was present in the first season was gone. The third season suffered from new writers and animators and being bumped to a different network, and again it suffered leading the show to be cancelled.

Even with the show suffering from several problems it has a very dedicated group of fans, myself included. With new motion capture technology this would make an amazing live action film. The Gargoyles are basically superheroes protecting New York from the tech villain Xanatos (who is remarkably similar to Tony Stark). Take the superhero genre but add in the mythology and fantasy of sorcerers, magic and other supernatural creatures and you have an awesome and unique world that sets itself apart from everything else out there right now.

5. 'Digimon'

Digimon was never as popular as Pokemon, but in my opinion Digimon had more depth, character growth while Pokemon was fluff created for marketing and merchandising.

That aside though, Digimon has some dark themes, great story arcs and amazingly fleshed out characters. It would make an amazing live action franchise! The original season is the most popular, it's why they went back to it's characters in 2016 to create six new ninety minute episodes, so focusing on these eight characters seems like a no-brainer for a live action.

In the original anime seven kids are sucked into the Digital World where they meet their partner Digimon and they battle to help free that world from the dark forces there. Eventually the fight is taken to Earth, and they're joined by an eighth Digi-Destined, and they battle to free the Earth of dark Digimon.

Season One Digi-Destined, Their Rookies and Megas
Season One Digi-Destined, Their Rookies and Megas

A live action would be amazing, and motion capture would be a wonderful assistance to its animation. Digimon like Angemon, Myotismon, Weregarurumon and others could even be actors in elaborate costumes with CGI components similar to Vision in the Avengers films, that part would be simple and could look visually stunning.

The largest potential problem a live action Digimon show could have would be the fact that the original anime is set in Japan with eight Japanese kids. How can that translate to the big screen without subtitles and still be relatable for a worldwide audience? White-washing is a huge faux pas so casting American kids and changing the location to New York or San Francisco could be PR suicide. On the other hand it could be potentially amazing to create a multi-racial cast, keep some as Japanese kids but others, like Matt and Mimi, could easily become American. Others could be European or Chinese even. The characters could still be living in Japan at the time of the series, or to avoid this problem they could come up with new characters altogether and create a completely unique story.

4. 'Animorphs'

While there has been no substantial movement on a potential Animorphs live action film determined fans keep hoping! Sony Pictures even owns the domain name for, which doesn't confirm anything, but it still gives us hope!

Animorphs was a long running series with over sixty books that belong to the complicated arcs of the franchise. The main story revolves around five human kids and one alien who are fighting off a secret alien invasion. The kids meet a dying alien, an Andalite, and he gives them the power to morph into animals that they can come in contact with. He tells them of the Yeerks who are tiny slug creatures that take control of their hosts body by entering through the ear canal, and that millions worldwide have already become under their control. The kids join up with a young Andalite, who's trapped on Earth, and the six use their morphing technology to turn into bugs, bears, eagles and more to both spy and fight off the evil aliens the Yeerks.

The short-lived television show did not meet fans expectations, and was cancelled after only two seasons partly due to poor, and expensive, CGI at the time. However with fifty-four books as part of the main canon, four double sized "Megamorphs" books, and four "Chronicle" books depicting backstory in alien worlds set before the regular Animorphs canon, there is plenty of story to choose from that could translate to a live action franchise and potential shared universe.

3. 'Goosebumps'

Goosebumps did have a live action film in 2015, which was recently picked up for a sequel, however fans of the 90s series are still hoping for a true horror version. Even though I was a fan of the Jack Black film, I enjoyed the campiness and the humor, I still hope that one day we'll see a true horror film based off a Goosebumps novel.

Over one hundred Goosebumps novels exist so it would be easy to choose a story that could be a truly dark horror film. There could even be a series of films with different casts and stories but all with the "Goosebumps" name, carrying on this tradition same as the books.

Slappy from the television series
Slappy from the television series

My personal favorite book, even as a kid, was the Night of the Living Dummy series. While the cast of the family kept revolving, the dummy Slappy kept returning. Slappy even recruits several more dummies and creates a demonic family. They even explored his backstory in the "Goosebumps Series 2000" novels.

How awesome would it be to finally see a live action, truly horrific, story featuring Slappy or other evil creatures from one or more of the various Goosebumps novels?

2. 'Futurama'

Sci-fi has been a staple of television since the beginning, but other than Space Balls and Galaxy Quest, there haven't been a ton of sci-fi comedies. Futurama, with its already existing fan following, would be an easy translation to the big screen as a full blown live action adult comedy.

With the recent live action fan trailer of Futurama flooding the internet, and it's surprise popularity, the chances of a live action film could have only increased!

I imagine that A-list actors would line up for a chance to be in this hilarious series. Chris Pratt or Dave Franco as Phillip Fry? Patrick Stewart playing Professor Farnsworth? Maggie Smith as the crazed philanthropist Mom?

With seven seasons under its belt, there's no lack of potential stories they could tell on the big screen. Mom would be my first choice for the villain in a full-length film, but there's also the Santa Robot, or even the Brainspawn, so they could tell Lord Nibbler's story.

1. 'Gummi Bears'

Gummi Bears was on the air for six seasons from 1985-1991, and was an incredibly unique and fun cartoon! If you remember anything from the show you remember the hilariously catchy theme song, but watch an episode again and you'll remember how fun and great the Gummi Bears themselves each are. Gruffi, Grammi, the wizard Zummi, Tummi and the children Sunni and Cubbi. Each is unique and well written with great chemistry and relationships with all the others.

The series also includes a great villain, Igthorn, and his ogres as they constantly attempt and fail to take over Castle Dunwyn. When they discover the secret Gummi Bears they change tactics and attempt to catch the bears to find the secret to their magics and gummi juice.

Igthorn would be the key to the show being the villain as well a one of the few human leads. Actors that come to mind are Mark Strong, or Tom Felton and Tom Hiddleston to keep the English setting. No matter the cast, though, a live action of this lost gem could easily be hilarious, serious and loved!


What live-action reboot would you most want?

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