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Writing and watching always.....time to shoot my film

We are born into a world that presents us with different paths and every so often we get the chance to become something more or something we do not wish to be.

In the wake of an air tragedy Roman loses his wife and pregnant daughter while Jake is the traffic controller at the center of it all. A malfunction in equipment causes Jake to lose contact with one aircraft which causes the disaster that this film is based around. Roman is thrown into a world where he cannot move forward while Jake is spiraling to depression and the inability to get past the loss of life.

The journey through tragedy is what this film is about and it makes you see how people change into creatures of pure emotion. The truest aspects of the film are the breakdown of character strengths when dealing with a moment as big as this.

There are moments of tenderness that leave you wanting more. The idea of sorrow on film is something that needs to handled with care because if it is done wrong, it ends up being to much and the effect is too little. In a film like this, you are presented multiple times with windows into the sorrow being felt and it becomes a question of "how much more do i have to see?"

This film tries so hard to make you feel what they are experiencing that it begins to numb you and the scenes become dull.

The acting is well done and arnold is starting to impress me more and more with the roles he is taking. McNairy does a wonderful job as a confused and lost father who cannot see a future through this disaster. It is different seeing so much despair and anguish in constant view and then half way through the film it levels off. Both characters reach a plateau where their paths are set and their collision is bound to happen. The climax is the meeting and it starts suddenly then falls off the way. It could have been amazing but as humans we give into our basic nature when we feel nothing is left and what happens is what I expected.

This film is based off a true incident and it shows how society sees victims and perpetrators based solely on tragedy. A grieving man committing a heinous act because he was emotionally distraught is not a good enough reason to break the law. In his shoes I honestly do not know how I would handle that much pain. I am human and not even close to being invincible, yet evil and good are still black and white.

I enjoyed this film because seeing arnold in such a dramatic role is a sight to see. I tend to enjoy movies that have little to no extra camera movements. If your scene does not speak without a dolly shot or a pan, then write the scene again and make it better. The actors and actresses do a wonderful job in this film but it is not enough recommend. The build up worked well but it was a let down in the end. The journey was good until the climax, wait, that sounds a lot like life doesn't it?

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