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Look up movies on Google and you'll get quite a few results. Some are mediocre, while most are terrible. Every now and then I'll discover an impressive zombie flick that surprises me. Unfortunately, they're a rare find in the genre. Night of the Living Dead and Zombieland were impressive for their time, but now we get straight to video films and a slew of Resident Evil movies. I decided to give horror a shot when it came to zombies and I ended up with mixed results.

Norway's Dead Snow

I didn't know what to expect, but I hoped for the best. The setup was fairly generic with a random stranger who tells a scary story about . Basically, the script was a mixed bag with genre tropes and a few interesting twists. Things would've been less annoying, if this had been a male bonding trip instead of a quest to possibly get laid in a cabin. There's a lot of violence and yet it wasn't enough to churn my stomach. All the "victims" were fairly boring, but Herzog was a pretty interesting antagonist. And there's a "special" death scene towards the end that I won't spoil. Let's just say that the special effects were really impressive for that one. It deserves the mediocre response from the average audience. In the end, I thought it was fairly creative for a horror flick though. The sequel on the other hand, was quite an upgrade.

Dead Snow 2: Success Of A Sequel

The was an unexpected surprise that impressed me in some ways. This time around we have someone to root for in the form of Martin. Sadly, the supporting cast is a train-wreck of stereotypes. Its funny at first, but it starts to wear a little thin at points. At least Martin's new trick was really cool. Can't really say anything without spoiling the surprise. Anyway, the good guys seem to have far more chemistry with each other than the original. Here we have a decent mix of humor and horror that doesn't always work, but its a lot of fun when it does. Martin's sidekicks were quite useful throughout the film and we didn't have some awkward romance to drag everything down. Was it perfect? No. However, it manages to stick out in a genre that can seem really repetitive at times.

Zombies: Old, But Not Stale

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead may be an exception to the overuse of zombies. Who knows how they'll innovate in the future. Maybe the rumored Zombieland sequel will give us something new. Either way, I look forward to the next zombie film, even if it's terrible.

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