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Good job, 'Nintendo', you've done it again.

This year Nintendo announced their new at home console, the 'NES Classic Edition'. This system is a remake of the original 'NES', but has a smaller, sleeker look, and is pre-loaded with 30 games. People around the world were excited about Nintendo's idea of remaking the 'vintage console', for the older generation would be able to relive their favorite childhood classics such as 'Dr. Mario', 'Mega Man', and 'Donkey Kong', and be able to share these cult classics with the younger ones who have not yet had the privilege of experiencing this wonderful era.

Sadly, the NES Classic Edition console was not predicted to be such a hit, and started to sell out in stores across the world due to low stock and bad planning. Those who did get to the store fast enough to pre-order the system decided to put them up for auction on 'eBay'. The console was planned to be $60, but due to supply and demand, some NES Classic Edition consoles sold for over $200. Nintendo tried to solve this issue by shipping out more systems, hoping that the sales on eBay would drop in price. But it was too late, because when stores that were selling the console caught wind of the situation, they started selling them for over $200 as well.

This is not the first time that Nintendo had let their fans down

Super Mario Commercial Gif
Super Mario Commercial Gif

Nintendo has been making this same mistake for years, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. The amazing ideas this company comes up with almost always seem to flop due to poor planning. Products such as the 'Nintendo Wii' and 'Wii U' were systems that the public was once excited about, but when the time came for them to start selling, it's as if they were either always out of stock for the first year or they did not live up to their expectations.

The Nintendo Wii: Every parent's 2007 holiday nightmare

Photo of Toys R Us Selling Wii Consoles on Black Friday
Photo of Toys R Us Selling Wii Consoles on Black Friday

When the 'Wii' was first announced, suddenly everyone had to have one. Most parents really wanted this system for their child, because it forced them to get off the couch and get active with games such as 'Wii Sports' or 'Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games'. When 'Black Friday' came around, lines were so long that they were wrapped around buildings, filled with people who wished to make 'Christmas' perfect with a Nintendo Wii. Stores from across the world sold out within an hour. A writer on 'CNN' shared his experience of spending the whole night calling as many stores as possible trying to get his hands on the console for his children as well. He was never able to find one and had to return home the next morning empty handed, ending his article by stating:

The Wii U: A console ruined by its controller

Reggie Fils-Aime presents the Wii U
Reggie Fils-Aime presents the Wii U

The Wii U is one of my favorite gaming consoles to date, it has some of the best newly released video games, like 'Super Smash Bros', 'Hyrule Warriors', and 'Bayonetta 2'. The problem with the system though, is the game pad itself, and if you don't believe me, just read the reviews for yourself:

I think it's the worst controller Nintendo has ever built. It's super bulky and never that comfortable to hold.

- Dave Smith (Business Insider)

Seriously what was the point of the gamepad? You dont need it in Mario 3D World, Smash Bros, Mario Kart etc.

- oOo_SOX_oOo (

Its primary feature, the Wii U Gamepad, has yet to be proven integral to the Wii U experience, and is to date best utilized for off-screen play and Netflix.

- Tom Hoefner (

Nintendo has made many errors when it comes to launching systems in stores, and the Wii U's unique controller just tries to hard the be useful. In no way was this article meant to get people to stop liking Nintendo, for the purpose was to assure fans that its seems things are looking kind of rough. So, on that note, does this mean that next year when the Nintendo Switch comes out will people around the world have to suffer sell outs as before, or will the new control mechanism ruin the console for Nintendo fans just as the Wii U did?

What are your thoughts about the Nintendo Switch?

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