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I love a lot of things. Comics, movies, TV shows, music, and Baseball. I have opinions that may differ from yours.

I recently did a free trial of YouTube's new live TV service, YouTube TV, and I wanted to take a few moments to review my experience with readers. Hopefully, the new few paragraphs will help a few readers out there find an alternative to satellite or cable TV and in turn lower their monthly spending on a regular basis.

User Friendly: I found the navigation around YouTube TV's interface to be very easy to use. Everything is laid out in front of you and there's no searching around anywhere for the buttons or icons you need if you want to move to another live channel, stream something on demand, etc.

Picture: The picture clarity is just like of watching on your HDTV in your living room. There was no pixelation or slow transitions from show to commercial or scene to scene of what I was watching.

Sound: The sound is obviously going to depend upon how your sound is setup to whatever device you're using the service on. For me, I used my personal desktop computer. I have rather expensive speakers connected to it and for me, the sound was really theater quality.

Channels: This is one of the few negatives I can offer about the service. If you like watching regular TV sitcoms and the like, there may not be a lot of variety for you but if you're a sports fan wanting to keep up with you local professional sports team, then you won't be disappointed. As for local channels, depending upon your location, you'll have access to them either live or on demand. Some of the cable channels offered are USA Network, FX, FXX, NBC Sports Network, Disney, etc.

Cost: The general subscription cost id $35 monthly, which for what you get, isn't that bad as it compares to your basic cable package. There are also add-ons such as Showtime that you can get and they start at $11 extra monthly. The site allows for a 14 day free trial and then begin billing you after that point but you can cancel it at ANY time!

All in all, I think YouTube is onto something and may very well end up ahead of the pack when it comes to streaming services in the future. I would suggest at least giving the free trial a try and see how you like it. If it's anything like my experience, you'll likely be sticking around for a long time.

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