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The Flash is no doubt one of The CW's greatest on-going series. The show has done an impeccable job of grabbing the viewer's attention by providing us with creativity and excellent storytelling. The writers have delved deep into the Flash's character and have yet to fail by showing us Barry Allen's true speed. Just how fast is Barry Allen in the television series? First of all, he's already faster than the speed of light. In the television series, we've seen Barry Allen do some amazing things when he taps into the speed force.

We've literally seen him run back in time, wind up in a different universe, and even create multiple clones of himself because he's just that fast. One of the reasons he's done so well in the show is because of the teachings of Dr. Harrison Wells. The multiple uses of the speed force are endless, therefore we haven't even scratched the surface as far as what they can do with The CW's version of Barry Allen. Here's a list of some of the fastest moments from the Scarlet Speedster that we've seen in the comics:

5. The Flash #3, 'Lights Out' (2011)

Speaking of phasing, the Flash was able to phase himself and a full size airplane through a bridge just before crashing into the Hudson River. The Flash is able to achieve this by vibrating molecules at an atomic level, therefore passing through a solid object. We've already seen Barry do this in the first season of The Flash, but not at this level. It would be interesting to see the Flash phase larger objects, such as a plane.

4. The Flash: Rebirth #3, 'Rearview Mirrors' (2009)

Just the thought of Superman and the Flash foot racing is by far one of the nerdiest things on the planet. This comic gives us just that! The Flash pushes his limits as he and Superman are racing on the water. Just before the end of the race, the Flash tells Superman that their past races were for charity, thus finally defeating Superman in the foot race. Now that we officially have our Superman in The CW and the Flash in the DCEU, it's just a matter of time!

3. The Brave And The Bold Vol 3 #26, (2009)

In this issue, we find the Flash running so fast that he travels back in time to WWII. He then meets up with a group of military pilots called the Black Hawk Squadron. They teach Barry the essence of war: kill, or be killed. Shortly after Barry returns home and to his own timeline, we see that he has a newfound respect for veterans and fallen soldiers.

2. The Flash Vol 2 #139–141, (1998)

This version of the Flash focuses on Wally West's character. After retiring from being The Fastest Man Alive, Wally faces a new threat: death itself, also known as The Black Flash. Both Wally and Black Flash run so fast around the globe, Wally breaks the time barrier and wind up hundreds of million years into the future where death ceases to exist, meaning death has no concept.

1. The Flash: 'The Human Race' (2009)

One of the fastest stories ever written, even the Flash couldn't describe how fast he was going. The story begins with a couple of cosmic gamblers set at the edge of the universe, betting on who is the fastest being in the galaxy. The wager? Destruction of the loser's home planet. Realizing how crazy the situation is, the Flash switches the deal on the gamblers, betting that he can travel back to Earth quicker than the gamblers. They tell the Flash that nothing is faster than instantaneous transportation, but he insists. Little do the gamblers know that the Flash contacts Earth and tells everyone to start running, creating just enough kinetic energy for the Flash to tap into the speed force like never before.

In a fraction of a second so infinitesimal no word exists to describe it, I'm leaving the recognized space-time continuum and approaching trans-time velocity. — Wally

Wrapping Up

Those are some pretty wild and amazing Flash stories! I'm a huge fan of The Flash television series and if you're reading this, I'm sure you are too. In the show, we've seen Barry Allen do some amazing things with his speed and the speed force. With the third season right around the corner and new speedsters added to the team, we may actually even get some of the stories mentioned above.

Check out The Flash Season 3 official trailer below:

Did I list one of your favorite Flash stories? If I didn't, let me know in the comments below as to which is your fastest Flash comic.

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