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They're everywhere. In the woods, in children's playgrounds, in empty parking lots and alleyways. Maybe even writing this article. Maybe right behind you. Creepy clowns have been out in full force lately, lurking, leering, and being generally unsettling to the good citizens of the world.

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The first sighting happened in Greenville, South Carolina. Young Arnold had wandered away from his low-income neighborhood and found himself on the edge of the forest. In the distance, he noticed two mysterious, brightly clad figures. As they drew closer, little Arnold noticed they were clowns. But not nice clowns, like Cam from Modern Family. These were scary clowns. One wore a bright red wig, and the other had a black star painted on his face. They approached the little boy and leaned their freaky faces down, whispering to him, trying to get innocent Arnold to join them in a nearby [murder]house.

This was not an isolated incident. Reports of clown sightings have been popping up across the nation, in all their red-nosed, terrifying glory. This epidemic has even stretched as far as threatening our allies in the UK. The question everyone wants to know is: Why? What do these crazed clowns want with us? Why won't they leave us alone? The answer might be more surprising than we ever suspected: Is it all just marketing for a movie, like Rob Zombie's 31 or the upcoming remake of Stephen King's It?

One diligent redditor, Nymeria106, compiled a comprehensive list of all the clown sighting-related information in order to support the theory that this is all just a publicity stunt to get people freaked out for the new film. It's a bold claim, which New Line Cinema was quick to refute. They issued an official statement to the Hollywood Reporter:

"New Line is absolutely not involved in the rash of clown sightings."

Creepy Clown Sightings
Creepy Clown Sightings

The master of horror himself has even chimed in telling people to tone down the "clown hysteria."

But this warning from the master of horror doesn't seem to have made any difference. If anything, the clown craze has only grown. According to the Sun, there have been 21 clown sightings reported across the UK as of today (October 10). While most have turned out to be harmless pranksters (see the video below), there was one report of two clowns driving up to two young girls in Clacton, Essex, and inviting the children to a "birthday party."

Could this really all just be a ploy to sell movie tickets? Probably not. But whether they're covert clown marketing agents or just run-of-the-mill deranged sickos, this clown craze probably will sell a lot of movie tickets. And since the reboot won't be haunting theaters until September 2017 (approximately), that's plenty of time to remind audiences just how f*cking scary clowns can be.


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