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We've all come a long way since 2007, but perhaps no one more than national treasure Britney Spears, or the devoted fan that loved her even during her darkest days, Chris Crocker. If that name doesn't ring any bells, you might just remember him as the "Leave Britney Alone!" guy.


Chris Crocker was a viral video star before "viral" was even a word people used in regular conversation. He created "Leave Britney Alone!" in response to all the hate Britney received following her 2007 VMAs performance.

Don't remember that either? Here you go:

"Leave Britney Alone!" racked up 4 million views in just two days, and is now so popular and parodied it's impossible to know exactly how many zillions of views it's gotten overall.

[Credit: Chris Crocker]
[Credit: Chris Crocker]

Today, Crocker is 29 and still an internet sensation, if his 216,000 Twitter followers are any indication. Much like Britney herself, he's come a long way since that dramatic day in 2007.

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He's a comedian, a performance and recording artist with a few banging dance singles like "I Want Your Bite" and "Freak of Nature", and even dabbled in the porn industry when he and his then-boyfriend made a film for Chi Chi La Rue.

You'll be glad to know hasn't moved on from his bread and butter, though — that is, video commentary on questionable performances of pop divas. Here's his level-headed take on Mariah Carey's recent New Year's Eve fiasco:

Of course, Britney is still his No. 1:

You can follow Chris on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Be honest: Did you really believe Britney would be able to recover after 2007?

Here's to Britney's long lost movie career. Check out the trailer for her 2002 classic Crossroads:

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