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Have you ever watched a show that you could just sit and watch for hours? Or even days? I know I have. There have been many shows that I could just pop that large bag of popcorn, curl up on the couch under a huge blanket, and not care what time it was after watching half a season.

One of these shows for me has been the British drama Downton Abbey. It is a great story about the 1910s-1920s, a nobleman and his family who live in this huge home called, you guessed it, Downton Abbey. This show follows the lives of the two parents, their three daughters, the Dowager Countess, and their house staff through the change in times during the early 1900s. We begin in the year 1912 after the sinking of the Titanic, and the show runs through six seasons, ending in the year 1929.

So why should you watch it? Why do I love it? Here are the five reasons why I think you should go and watch Downton Abbey.

1. The Storyline

Sybil, Edith, and Mary Crawley.
Sybil, Edith, and Mary Crawley.

Murder. Love. Marriage.

Scandal. Babies. Death.

These are just a few of the elements that you will see in this amazing British show! (Though not necessarily in that order.)

I love the different elements this show brings to the table! Each one takes the story in a new direction. Granted, if you like lots of action and fighting, you are not going to see that in this TV show. However, there are just so many little plots that will bring you to the edge of your seat. Some of them come into play later, but they also grow and develop as time goes by! There is also great character development throughout all six seasons.

Which brings me to my next point...

2. The Characters

John and Anna Bates.
John and Anna Bates.

The stories told in this show build each character individually. From Lady Mary's love-life to the Dowager's stubbornness, each one builds the story and builds the character. The people in the show bring a lot to the story, and they are extremely easy to relate to.

Wait, what did I just say? Did I just say that I relate to a character set in the 1920s?

Yes. Yes, I did.

In this TV show, the characters go through many challenges, heartaches, and joys that still relate to us today! Dealing with death, with family problems, and finding your way in the world. It helps you relate with them, and also makes it easy to get sucked into the story alongside them.

The way the Crawleys and their staff are brought to life in this show would not be possible without the amazing acting of the actors and actresses in this show.

3. The Actors and Actresses

Jim Carter as Mr. Carson, Downton Abbey's butler.
Jim Carter as Mr. Carson, Downton Abbey's butler.

There are many amazing people that bring this show to life. One of my favorite actresses is in this show. Recognize her?

That's right, the amazing Maggie Smith. She also happens to play my favorite character in the TV show, the Dowager Countess. I loved her as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series, and she brings the snappy and grace of the professor with her to Downton.

However, she isn't the only amazing actor/actress this show has to offer. We also have Hugh Bonneville who plays Lord Grantham.

He has also been in Monuments Men, Doctor Who, and Paddington. I loved the character he played in Monuments Men! He is a strong actor, and someone you may have seen in these other movies or TV shows.

Penelope Wilton, who played Harriet Jones in Doctor Who, is also in this show! She plays Lady Crawley, cousin to Lord Grantham and his daughters. She is also the mother of one of the other characters, Matthew Crawley.

These are just a few of my favorite actors in Downton Abbey, but all of the actors portray the characters well. They really make you feel like you are peaking into England in the early 1900s!

4. History

This is another reason I love this TV show. You step into a very critical time in history. At the turn of the century, many things were changing. A war was coming. We get to see the worry and challenges that came leading up to World War I. There were also many inventions created during this time. The lightbulb, the phonograph, and then the telephone! The car was also created during this time which created in itself a surprising and interesting development for one of the characters in this story. This was something that really intrigued me about the show. It was amazing to see how the people during this time may have reacted to new and sometimes difficult challenges of the technological advances.

By the end of the show, we get to see what happened to leading families such as the Crawleys when their way of life began to become obsolete. No one lived the way they lived in that big house anymore. These are real challenges that people like the Crawleys in the 1920s faced.

5. You can literally watch it non-stop.

This is probably the most important and exciting reason of all. All of the reasons I mentioned above lead up to this last point. Each element helps the show be the one you want to watch over and over again! That's why this is one of those lazy Sunday afternoon shows for me. The storyline makes you want to know what is coming next.

This is why I love this show. It allows me to step out of reality for a moment, and I get to enjoy a good show and story. This is why you should watch Downton Abbey. You will fall in love with the characters and the story.


Are you going to go and watch this amazing show?

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