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"The modern era of free-flowing information gives us, the people the unprecedented power of knowledge that we have only just begun to understand how to utilise properly"

Well Holy Shit, it actually happened. Donald J Drumpf is President of the United Mother-Fucking States of Jesus-Christ America! A year ago no one really thought this was possible and we were having a good old laugh at how silly this yellow racist was, then six months ago people were starting to get worried that as Morrissey might say 'this joke isn't funny anymore, it's too close to home', and then finally just a few months ago the world watched in tears of disbelief as he beat Hillary to become the President Elect. I'm not sure most of us still believe it, but it's happened.

I was sitting downstairs at my computer in the early hours of Sunday morning, half-watching TV whilst simultaneously scrolling idly through my Facebook newsfeed when I began noticing something going on; a high level of activity from all over. Now that it was the daytime in America, Trump was dominating the news either directly or indirectly in what was his first day as President, with every article and page showing something or other relating to him. Firstly, and most prominently were the women's marches, which had started in Washington at his inauguration and then caught fire to light the world's consciousness. Now in hundreds of cities all around the world from Paris to London, Budapest to Amsterdam, and all over Africa, Asia and South America too, women (and men) took to the streets in the thousands to protest for women and against Donald Trump and what he stands for. It is incredibly powerful to see the amount of people together at these scenes, and shows what we can do as a people when we share in a collective idea. In light of recent events, I felt a rare and unfamiliar sensation of hope and joy seeing how people all around the world are already uniting against him and everything he stands for. The march may have been for women's rights, but if Trump had not been caught saying the now infamous phrase 'grab them by the pussy', then none of this would have probably happened. But if we are able to unite in peaceful protest together and show love against hateful bigots like Trump, imagine what else we can do together as a people?

President Trump promised that his inauguration would break attendance records, and it did, but not in the way he was hoping. The women's march that took place was by far the largest one-day protest in US history with an estimated 3-4.2 million people having taken part. To put this in perspective, the famed Martin Luther King 'I Had a Dream' March on Washington DC in 1963 had only 250,000 people! In fact, the second largest march in history, also on Washington for lesbian and gay rights in 1993 had 1 million marchers, so this most recent march was by far and away the largest in history, and indeed set off marches across the world, which has rarely, if ever happened before. A cause that caught on fire like the beacons of Gondor, with it gaining in momentum and force and uniting the world against a common enemy. Powerful.

The next topic that flooded social media was the inauguration itself. The first thing to note was the image comparing Trump's inauguration with Obama's 8 years previous. Many anti-Trump supporters delighted in sharing the photo online and commenting on the comparison between the two images. It provides a stark contrast and shows us just how divided we have become as a people since a much more loved and popular Obama took office 8 years ago. A reason that someone online gave for the huge amount of white space you can see in the Trump photo is that there are people there, but as they are KKK supporters they are dressed entirely in white, therefore blending in nicely with the background. I think a more reasonable explanation, besides Obama being more popular than Trump is that Washington is a largely democratic state whereas most of Trump's supporters are middle-aged, middle-America Republicans who probably couldn't afford or be bothered to get off their white, racist asses to go and see their man being sworn in. Young, progressive Americans living in Washington clearly had no time for such an event; either that or they were probably too busy protesting a little while away.

Then things got really interesting: After these comparisons were made, Trump's spin doctor Sean Spicer angrily insisted that Trump drew “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe” which both the media and individuals quickly dispelled by looking at the photos and seeing that this was not true. Spicer then accused journalists of posting inaccurate crowd numbers and using misleading photos to manipulate the truth, saying that they would be "held accountable for their deliberate false reporting" whatever that implies. Gulp. It is estimated that despite Spicer's claims, at it's biggest Trump's crowd only ever reached a third of the size of Obama's, which had 1.8 million attendees. After Spicer was caught lying about these numbers by the press and everyone else, perhaps the most outrageous thing yet happened. In defence of Spicer's apparent falsehoods of the amount of people who attended Trump's inauguration, one Kellyanne Conway of Trump's PR team suggested that Spicer had simply used what she called 'alternative facts'. This new term sent the internet ablaze once again with amazement as people were quick to point out that facts are either true or not, there is no 'alternative' to facts. I myself might start applying this new concept of alternative facts in aspects of my life. "I scaled the Washington Monument with only one hand. I taught Ray Charles how to play the piano. I once fought off 12 angry sailors with nothing but a wooden spoon. These aren't lies, they're just alternative facts"

If Trump is already lying about the size of his... hands, and inauguration crowd, then imagine what is going to happen when the press start reporting negatively about say climate change, inequality, healthcare? Anything unfavourable said about him he will lie, lie and lie again. As I said in a previous article, everything about Donald Trump is a lie or was gifted to him; from his money up to his hair and his still unreleased tax returns, so it is all he knows. I can't say I'm surprised, he did after all get elected in the first place by telling outrageous lies and using scare tactics and it seems he has little intention of changing his tune now that he has won. And this is where things start to go a little bit scary. In Trump's first day in office, his team have already lied blatantly and openly to the public. When they were caught lying, they then lied that the press were lying, and took a childish approach which could be compared to saying: "no, no, no, that's not true, no, no, NO! NO! NO! WAAAAAA". As if this wasn't enough for the first day, people on Twitter started to notice that negative tweets posted on Trump's account were mysteriously vanishing which seemed to be the work of his PR team. Eradicating the endless hate on Trump's twitter account must be a full-time job, and become pretty tiring; it turns out not many of his fans know how to operate a computer so the comments tend to be rather one-sided. Trump also made a spelling error on one of his first ever tweets as President, which he then deleted a short while later, but not before people were able to screengrab it. This shit lives forever Donald, you douche. Then there was also the controversy that some people woke up to find that Twitter had automatically made them follow the new President's endless stream of hate known as his Twitter account, similar to when Apple forced listeners to download a copy of U2's new album which caused quite a backlash.

Not only that, but certain news publications have also apparently been forced to not print certain stories about Trump that portray him in a negative light. Hmm, are any of these traits feeling familiar to a certain type of government? Dictatorship perhaps?

So let's run through it so far. Trump and his team in just one day have:

Lied openly, repeatedly

Accused the press of lying when they accused him of lying

Deleted any information contrary to what Trump has said

Forced certain publications to not print news

And just to make matters worse, he also accidentally quoted Batman supervillain Bane in his inauguration speech as well as making a number of other similarly vague lies that Bane does about freeing the people etc, which people then enjoyed playing around with.

And that was just in his first day! Democracy is under threat here. Add that to his denial that climate change is real, his desire to make abortion illegal and his intention to dismantle Obamacare (the doing so of which will cost America an estimated 8 billion dollars over the next 10 years!) and we could be heading down a very sticky road for the next four years. However, what gives me hope is that in between the lies that Trump's team are already releasing and the negative fearmongering on which his campaign was built is the unity of people who are against him armed with the knowledge that he is a lying despicable human being. As I have said in previous posts, in the past people did not have access to multiple channels of information and would often believe whatever the person on television told them (not that most have changed much from that). Now however, we are at least able to light up the internet within hours of something untrue being said with the actual truth, or at least get the full spectrum of evidence for the story in question so we are able to decide for ourselves. The modern era of free-flowing information gives us, the people the unprecedented power of knowledge that we have only just begun to understand how to utilise properly. There is nowhere to hide anymore without people knowing the truth, you gutless swine Donald. It's kind of scary that Trump's team were so quick to willingly abuse their new powers. But this is probably a good thing because the more he tries to hide from and cover up the truth, the more that he will expose himself as a racist, backwards, lying fool.

So in spite of all of his misgivings, Trump could actually be a blessing in disguise because his loud, confrontational and often poor behaviour is waking more people up through the friction he creates, riling us up. If we were serving under Hillary right now, you can bet that nothing big would change over the next four years because she knows how to play the political game and hide behind her mask of lies whilst quietly making things better for her vested interests. People would continue to sleepwalk through the usual dull, disparaging politics which only aids in forwarding those in power's agenda whilst repressing true freedom for the masses. Trump on the other hand is so ham-handed and clumsy that he may just achieve in waking us from the political slumber we have been in for decades. If Clinton would have been the sleeping pill, then Trump is the Tabasco enema this world sorely needs.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

― George Orwell, 1984

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