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Earlier this week, fans of the series got some unexpected and welcome news. Fans of director 's adaptation of the classic comic series have long awaited a third film about everyone's favorite demonic anti-hero. However, the cinematic universe of Hellboy has been on hiatus since 2008 with the release of the second film, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. In spite of the film doing well at the box office, many assumed after all this time that the series had ended. However, on January 18th, del Toro himself may have got the ball rolling.

Earlier this week, the Mexican director took to the airwaves on Twitter and released the following poll to see if anyone was still interested in seeing come to the big screen.

Perhaps it was just wishful thinking. A little activity for fans to showcase their love for the unusual and imaginative series. However, a few hours after the release of the poll, del Toro tweeted the following. He would be sitting down with actor and Hellboy creator if the poll met its goal of 100k votes in 24 hours.

Could this actually have been what fans of the first two films had been waiting for after almost a decade? Fans wasted no time finding out. They took to social media, sharing the poll with friends and on various websites to ensure it reached its goal. It soon became clear this poll wasn't just a conversation piece.

By the closing of the poll the following day, it not only met its goal, but far exceeded it. The final tally of del Toro's Hellboy III poll clocked in at 132,938 votes. As of this article's writing, del Toro has already made good on his word. He is having a serious sit down with Ron Perlman to once more portray Dark Horse's hottest character, and will soon be approaching Mignola to see if he is interested in jumping on board as well.

On this matter, del Toro's timing couldn't be more impeccable. Given the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC attempting to follow suit, comic book based films have never been more popular. Marvel unexpectedly became one of the hottest production companies in Hollywood with little signs of slowing down, showing once and for all that, in the right hands, comic based properties are a profitable and popular form of cinematic entertainment and artistry.

Because of this, you can expect studios to invest a lot more in such properties, hoping that they will find success to rival or outdo Marvel's stunning work. Will the Hellboy series ride that wave back into theaters? If it is a hit, can we expect to see more not just of the rebellions demon, but other characters under the Dark Horse banner?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, this is welcome news for fans of the first two films. It has not only validated those who wanted to see this series continue, but has provided proof to all involved that even after 9 years, love for this hellish hero most certainly hasn't cooled down.

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