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I am over 525,600 years old, I reside in a wardrobe that doesn't lead to Narnia because it's a T.A.R.D.I.S, I am also a 400 foot tall purple

They took us back to a new version of Peter, they had him start out with Gwen as a girlfriend (I don't know why people wouldn't like that, she was first), even the fact that Lizard was in the first film was awesome (he was one of the first bad guys Spider Man faced in the comics), and not to mention the movies had a killer soundtrack (Electro included). I don't understand why anybody would hate the film's, they're more canonically correct than the original, they followed more stuff from the comics. Not hating on the original three, except that last one, but those three seemed to just take all the cool stuff from the Spider Verse and put it into a movie. They didn't really give him the beginning he was supposed to, girlfriend, first villain, or otherwise. They were just like, let's get Green Goblin, he's cool. Sorry, didn't mean to rant.

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