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Because I know how much we all love movies (and Batman), I wanted to take a few moments and whip up a post alerting people to the exciting fact that tickets for The LEGO Batman Movie are FINALLY on sale. Grab 'em now!

Following his brickthrough role in 2014's surprise hit, The LEGO Movie, Will Arnett's LEGO Batman stole the hearts of millions with his charming combination of cluelessness and confidence and quickly became a fan-favorite. Admittedly, he outshines the actual protagonist, Emmet, and solidifies himself as the film's resident scene-stealer. Getting tired of my LEGO puns yet?

Directed by Chris McKay and written by Seth Grahame-Smith (the author of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter), Jared Stern, Erik Sommers, John Whittington, and Chris McKenna, The LEGO Batman Movie follows Batman as he deals with loneliness, loss, and microwavable lobster on his quest to thwart the Joker (Zach Galifianakis).

The movie hits theaters on February 10th! Be there or be square!

......Okay, I promise I'm done.

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