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The Walking Dead vs. American Horror Story

This is horrorfan79 posing a question to all you other horror fans. What television series is more captivating this season? “The Walking Dead” or “American Horror Story”?

The Walking Dead :

ZOMBIES. Have to start off the conversation with the greatest plus to the franchise, zombies. Zombies have become the main stream as of late. It seems you can't go anywhere without some parity or merchandise smacking you in the face. For zombie lovers that’s great, but for many horror fans out there, it’s becoming a bit tired.

This season started out breaking viewer records. This was expected from the captivating trailer footage featuring an onslaught of zombies. I got the impression that there would be some sort of all out civil war within the prison. What we got so far is a glorified flu and Carol’s attempt at being a badass. The Producers and other Staff for the series proclaimed major twists and turns but I find it’s falling short of the high expectations they set forth. I’m starting to believe more and more in what George Romero said in an interview, “The Walking Dead is just a soap opera with the occasional zombie.”

American Horror Story

When American Horror Story first aired, it burst onto the scene like a wrecking ball. When I first started watching this show I found myself saying WTF? a lot. Each episode answers one question then leaves you asking ten more. Each season reminds me of the spaghetti westerns where the characters are all different but the actors are the same. The ending of each season really does feel like a finale in that story ends, no cliff hangers for the next season to pick up on. Overall, American Horror Stories’ content is completely outrageous, and fun.

This season was true to form with an original, over-the-top storyline yet the storyline seems more cohesive. The ratio of questions and answers doesn’t seem as overwhelming from episode to episode. I am enjoying this season more than the other 2. It also doesn't hurt that the show has enlisted two wonderful actresses, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates, who bring so much to the series.

It is only halfway through both series but overall I am more excited to watch American Horror Story.

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