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Weekend Box Office

Hidden Figures has gotten the numbers right for leading the Box Office.

Rogue One and Hidden Figures have the #1 and #2 spots this week.

Estimated 22 million for each film.

This is a big win for Hidden Figures. This proves that Taraji P. Henson can translate success from the small screen to big screen flawlessly. Not many can say that.

Sing the animated comedy in the 19 Million range hits the #3 spot. Illumination is making it’s mark as Disney’s Pixar biggest competitor. Illumination’s movies are not as polished as a Pixar film they are just as entertaining.

The latest Underworld movie is out. Have no idea what it is all about.

A feud over blood, love, putting the toilet paper roll on the right way.

Hate to say I am lost in The Underworld series. I loved the first two movies. Third movie…well meh.

After losing Scott Speedman and the re-writing of the past every movie I am surprised Sony is still pushing this series. Each sequel has dropped in Box Office.

The award darling La La Land tops of the Top 5

This week's winner Hidden Figures

This week's loser Sony. After a bad year Sony is just not turning it around.

And we have yet another Resident Evil to look forward to this month.

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