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I watch movies from time to time.

Sure, Happy Death Day has mostly positive reviews, sitting at a 68% on RottenTomatoes, and a (not as great) 57 on Metacritic. Audiences seemed to gravitate to Happy Death Day, not just because of the impressive box office haul, but because of the audience meters in both RottenTomatoes and Metacritic. But most of the positive reviews of this movie only reach, "I liked it."

Well, I LOVED this movie. And I don't think a lot of people share that sentiment, I mean are there a lot of flaws in the movie? Of course! There are aspects in the writing that don't make any logical sense. For example, the timing, sometimes the main character takes longer to leave the dorm room in the beginning, other times she bolts out but everything happens at the same time anyway. And the biggest one is what we find out at the end.

It turns out all along that the nurse roommate has been the one that's been killing her this entire time. Which explains some things but also makes other things more confusing. Like how is she so good at parkour, and why is she so freakishly strong. Not to mention, the body types don't add up.

Again, all of it technical mistakes. But that does not impede on my enjoyment of this film. It is so fucking entertaining, it has fast pace and an interesting mystery. But that's not all it has to offer. What really sold the film was the performance from Jessica Rothe. Her last known work is La La Land, she was the girl in the green dress during Someone in the Crowd. But you are going to be hearing a lot from her from know on. She is absolutely amazing in this, it's not an oscar performance but it's really damn good.

Obviously the idea for Happy Death Day emerged by someone saying:

what would happen if you mix Scream with Groundhog's Day?

Some might say that's uninspired. Some might say that this is like Edge of Tomorrow but with a horror twist to it. And to those I say: who the fuck cares? I haven't seen a movie with this specific idea, I don't think anyone has. Plus, if you judge a movie based on it's originality, then you will only find a very small amount of films that actually meet that criteria. Plus, it's not like this movie is taking itself a hundred percent seriously. It has comedic moments, that are not far and few between, it has self awareness by referencing Groundhog's Day.

"Well it's not scary" people will say, well first of all that's subjective, second of all so what? In reality I see this as an interesting romantic comedy.

The Two Romantic Leads
The Two Romantic Leads

It really is more of a movie of someone overcoming their faults, dealing with their insecurities head on, and trying to become a better person. All while they fall in love with someone who makes them want to be a better person. This doesn't describe a typical horror movie, but it describes Happy Death Day. Their relationship is sweet, and really is the heart of the movie.

I loved this movie so much, that it not only is one of my favorite movies of the year, it might be my favorite of the year.

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