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This year had lots of movies, as does every year, and there were some pretty good ones, and then there were the bad ones. One of the ways that you can tell how good a movie is, other than reviews, is the box office. One of the sites I look at for the box office numbers is Box Office Mojo. When looking at their website, I saw that they had a 2016 WORLDWIDE GROSSES page, which lists the world wide grosses for the box office in 2016. I got to thinking: what if I took the top five grossing movies from this year, and ordered those films into my own list of top five movies this year? This will not be my actual top five list of 2016, it's just based on how much I liked (or hated) the films on the list, therefore I put them in my own order, just not based on how much they made. Got it? Good. So here are the top five world wide grossing movies of 2016 from the Box Office Mojo site:

  • 5) The Secret Life of Pets at $875.4
  • 4) The Jungle Book (2016) at $966.6
  • 3) Zootopia at $1,023.8
  • 2) Finding Dory at $1,027.8
  • 1) Captain America: Civil War at $1,153.3

Now, the only issue here is, I didn't see Finding Dory, so I will take the next movie (that I have seen) and put it in Finding Dory's place. I'm not basing it on if I liked it or how much it made, just if I have seen it. The next movie in the list I have seen is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. So now I will list, out of the top five grossing and then the replacement Batman V Superman, my top five movies of 2016, which IS based on what I liked more than the other.

  • 5) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • 4) The Secret Life of Pets
  • 3) Zootopia
  • 2) The Jungle Book
  • 1) Captain America: Civil War

Why did I put the movies where I put them, you may ask? Here's my explanation.

For number 5: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well, was this a good movie? Yes and no. I thought that it was entertaining, and sure it was cool to see all those characters in one live action movie, and it was cinematic looking and feeling (I mean it is Zack Snyder after all), but it just had too many flaws for it to be any higher on the list than five. The two flaws that stick out for me are, 1) the name v.s. the delivery. The name of this superhero flick is Batman V.S. Superman: Dawn of Justice. With that obvious statement said, they should have given us more Batman V.S. Superman and less Dawn of Justice. It just felt like Justice was Dawning more than Batman and Superman where beating the day lights out of each other. And I think we all wanted to see the two most loved superheroes of the DC universe go up against each other more than anything. I mean, even if they had a 50/50 thing going on, where half of the film is Batman V Superman, and the other half is Dawn of Justice would be fine. The second bad thing that stuck out to me was the pacing. This is a two and a half hour movie, and it took them half of that to get to the, sure a little entertaining, but overall short and underwhelming fight that we where looking forward to. The whole first half of the movie was just politics and talk, and no I'm not one that needs ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!! every single minute in a movie, it just felt like all the politics was focused on for too long.

Next movie, number 4: The Secret Life of Pets. I honestly don't remember much of this movie. I remember it was a little funny, and it did have its moments when it was really funny, and it was adventurous, maybe somewhat exciting. I also remember giving it a good rating when I did my review on it (I put a hyperlink to my review for it on the word "review". I don't remember if I did a good job, but if you want to check it out, it's there). So The Secret Life of Pets is worthy of the number 4 spot.

Now to number 3: Zootopia. This film is pretty good. It has a good cast, strong story, the writing was great, it was funny, mysterious, and adventurous. It holds what is probably one of my favorite comedy scenes in animation (the sloth DMV scene), and is really great for all ages to enjoy. I would have this film higher on the list, but given the last two, number three is the perfect place for Zootopia.

Okay, given the two movies left are The Jungle Book and Captain America: Civil War, I think there is some pretty good justification as to why I put them where I put them, that is if you have seen them. But, to make myself clear, here is why I chose to put The Jungle Book in my number 2 spot. This film has pretty much everything going for it. I watched The Jungle Book on Netflix a couple weeks ago, and when thinking back on it, nothing comes to mind that goes against it. Now, there is that chance that if I watched it again, something would pop-up that goes against it, but right now, I've got nothing. But, instead of going through everything I like about it in detail, I'm just going to list them real quick. First off, The film clocks in at a little over an hour and a half, and they use it all wisely, I don't recall a time where I was getting bored, or wondering when they where going to move on, the CGI was amazing, and even though there is that one little lack of realism with the CGI that doesn't completely make you go "Was that a legitimate animal?" there is still a lot of realism in the animals and environments. There was obviously a lot of funny moments, well, more from Baloo, which is already a fun and comedic character, but he has a lot more wit and some sarcasm in this film, with the help of being voiced by Bill Murray. The sequences of action are really cool, the film is heartfelt, the story is amazing, and of course the acting was on point.

Now that I have made myself clear on why The Jungle Book is number 2, let me explain why I chose number 1 to be Captain America: Civil War. This film probably has one thing against it, and that's the run time. It clocks in at two and a half hours, but when I watch it, I don't feel like I want it to end already, I feel invested. So, it really has nothing going against it, for me that is. Really, this is a great movie. I mean I love the MCU and all the characters within, so seeing them all joining sides and fighting each other was really cool, heartbreaking at the same time, but overall pretty cool. Here's a few other reasons I love this movie enough to make it number 1: The story, the fact that they show both sides, and their reasoning very clearly, which at times makes you kind of sway which side you are on. And just like the other MCU films, this has as much heart and humanity in it as it does superheroes and action, and there's really just something about this movie that really makes me love it... like, a lot. I feel like I could watch this movie one million times over... probably.

So those are my top 5 films of the year based on Box Office Mojo's top 5 worldwide grossing films. Be sure to tell me your thoughts on this article in the comments, and if you want to follow me on social media:





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