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For those of you who know the "famous" Dank Meme, "Mega Faggot," which is about a guy who's announcing something that people supposedly have been anticipating to see, and then reveals a pink tricycle thrown in the air, while he says "mega faggot." See the Vine here:

Nobody knows what Mega Faggot is supposed to be (like is it a new vehicle for Disney Pixar's Cars? A Power Ranger Megazord? etc.). Now there is a rumor going around (or is it?), that the tricycle will have a small cameo in this summer's "Transformers: The Last Knight." Here's the trailer for those who haven't seen it, or want to see it again:

The rumor started when an anonymous source, who claims to be a producer from Paramount Pictures, spoke how he heard the director, Michael Bay, and the writers talking about the Vine. He stated that Michael Bay said:

"Maybe we can make that tricycle into another Autobot, or whatever, for, like, you know, just for fun."

Meanwhile, one of the writers responded:

"Maybe we can find a place for it. Oh, but we need to get that guy's permission first. I'm pretty sure he will like the idea, but it might be hard to find him."

So only time will tell whether if Mega Faggot will make the appearance or not.


Do you think Mega Faggot will appear in "Transformers: The Last Knight?"

To Paramount Pictures:

I just advertised your film for free, which is good because you don't have to pay me (not spending more money on advertising), and I'm attracting more people to watch it (more money for you).

You're Welcome,


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