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Kevin O'Leary announced his bid to run for the leadership of the Canadian Conservative party and what a lot of the mainstream media outlets are forgetting is that the Western world has turned to populism. This cannot be more clearer in the recent Donald Trump presidential campaign and win thereafter. Kevin O'Leary is no jokester when it comes to politics and the business dealings behind the scenes.

What you're witnessing across the world in countries like France, Britain, Italy, America and even in some places such as Germany are signs of populist ideologues at the forefront of the political world. The Brexit campaign is the prime example that journalists are using as a foundation to study how populism can create a movement at the grassroots level which gets the public to the voting polls.

Canada doesn't have the core populist movement that these other countries are seeing but with the announcement of Kevin O'Leary into the political world, there is now clear signs that the populist crowd has found their representative. This entrance looks incredibly similar to that of Donald's back in 2013, Kevin has a prime candidate to dissect with Justin Trudeau at the helm of Canada's established political elite.

If Mr. O'Leary can show that Justin is literally the establishment of politics in Canada and how they have continued, unhindered to rape this country and exploit its resources then he stands a chance in not only becoming the leader of the Conservatives but of this nation. He will need to persuade Liberal voters to turn blue and that is will be the objective of the campaign through and through, otherwise they will lose in the general election.

If he can swing in votes from the NDP and the silent majority then he can likely guarantee a minority government. Donald Trump took the world by surprise last November because the silent majority showed up and voted at the polls and America's people voiced their opinion. The same will be said for Canadians in the next election if the Conservatives or the NDP can latch onto the silent majority and persuade rural Canadians to show up at the polls.

Kevin O'Leary already is popular enough to catch people's attention when they hear his name. All he needs to do now is get people motivated enough to get off their couches and vote when it comes time. The Liberals swept through the country last year and garnered the public's frustration with Harper's era of politics. They promised a lot and haven't done any of it, it's time for the next candidate to garner that frustration and create change.

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