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Kevin O'Leary has announced his leadership bid for the Conservative party in Canada. This comes at a time when there is growing frustration throughout the public with Trudeau's Liberals and their establishment era policies and agenda. There is a lot of hype surrounding his bid for the leadership and people have been comparing it to Donald Trump.

The next question is if Mr. O'Leary will end being as outspoken of the administration as Trump was with Obama. In his announcement for for the Conservative leadership, Mr. O'Leary laid out his groundwork for his assault on the Liberal party and their current leadership over the country. He held back nothing.

The Conservatives are going to need someone who can mimic the same kind of personality and business in politics that has swept the Western world and their democracies as of late. Kevin O'Leary's announcement is on the heels of not only a major political defeat for the establishment in the United States but as well in Great Britain where we seen the UK vote in favor of splitting off from the European Union.

This announcement also comes at a time when the Conservatives are looking for the face of their party. Kevin O'Leary represents big business and the Conservatives have always campaigned on right-wing policies such as taxes and creating jobs for the economy. Right now these are two things that should be at the forefront of Canadian politics since our economy only continues to fall.

It's a very fortunate time for Mr. O'Leary and the Conservatives, if they can capitalize on the Liberals not being able to complete half of the stuff they said they would within their first year of government then the Conservatives should be able to swing some left-wing votes to their side of the alley. It is strongly believed that Mr. O'Leary candidacy for the Conservatives will go through without a problem due to his popularity and available funds to run a successful election

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