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In case you missed in the news over the course of the past couple of weeks; Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister is being investigated by the Ethics Commission for accepting a private helicopter ride to a private island while on vacation. At first glance, this doesn't seem to be that controversial but when you match it with the most recent carbon tax policy that the Liberals are pushing through Parliament then it become comical.

Justin doesn't seem to mind however and he's come out to the public by saying that he was allowed to accept such a favor due to the fact that his vacation was on private time, therefore not being funded by tax payers dollars or on tax payers time. However, Mr. Trudeau seems to forget that although it may not be against the law, it is definitely comical when you accept a ride in a helicopter meanwhile your political party is pushing through a carbon tax for an entire country.

Let us explain a bit further. The Liberals, which currently own a majority government in Canada can essentially pass any piece of legislature or bill that they prefer. Owning a majority government in Canada is like having control over Congress and the Senate in the United States; you're practically invulnerable to partisan issues like political gridlock.

Therefore Mr. Trudeau needing to live up to his promises that he has made to the country during his political campaign decided to push through his carbon tax policy instead of opting for a more public-favored policy like his promise to legalize marijuana before the end of 2017. Canadian voters are outraged not only because has he opted for a more disliked policy to push through but because he also contradicted himself entirely by enjoying a ride in a helicopter, which isn't cheap on fuel by no means.

Canadians feel cheated by the Liberals and rightly so, it doesn't make any sense for your party to make the public pay a tax on carbon while you're out lollygagging about accepting rides in helicopters to private islands. It so morally incorrect for someone to even attempt to justify themselves in this situation.

Mr. Trudeau has tried to make it seem like a little gesture while he was enjoying a vacation with his family but it is not, not everyone has a friend who owns a helicopter and a private island, then on top of that invites you to enjoy both luxuries. This is the political elite in Canada at it's finest. Mr. Trudeau is a part of an establishment of political elites that need to be shown the door to Parliament, the door to exit.

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