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Justin Trudeau's first year as Prime Minister of Canada has surpassed and inside this article you will be brought through some of the changes and platform promises that Justin and his government have been able to accomplish. The first thing that we should do is look at the platform promises that he laid out for his campaign during the election season of 2015, then fast forward to now to see if he's been able to succeed in pushing them through.

One thing that he definitely succeeded in doing was opening the gate and allowing 35,000 Syrian refugees to enter our country and thus our economy. It's not so much of a bad thing for refugees to immigrate to our nation, but when our economy is in shackles like it is now, it only adds to the mess. Our taxpayers cannot sustain to support to 35,000 Syrians albeit some of them will be able to support themselves, whilst the majority takes years to successfully assimilate into our society and work force.

Another one of his campaign promises was close out the year with a 10 billion deficit, that ballooned suddenly into 29 billion dollars for 2016 and 2017 fiscal years. This deficit also doesn't show any immediate signs of decreasing or stabilizing until at least 2050. Justin Trudeau's hopes of having a balanced budget aren't going to be ensured like he had hoped by the end of 2019 fiscal year and right in time for re-election.

As of right now Canadians are unsure what to expect next from the Liberals and their majority government. Just recently they introduced a nationwide carbon tax for taxpayers to sustain and get behind. They did this, yet Mr. Trudeau is alright to go about accepting private helicopter rides whilst on vacation, all through taxpayers dollars.

It is unacceptable for the Canadian Liberal government to continue to put forth bills and legislature which continue to exploit the Canadian taxpayer. It is becoming almost an everyday occurrence in our country where either the provincial or the federal government introduces a new tax on it's population. Mr. Trudeau's government has already introduced more taxes on Canadian taxpayers then the Harper government did in it's combined years in office. It's time for a real change as the Liberals would say and it's not voting them in again come 2019.

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